Survey Thursday – The Story Behind Your Nickname?

* What’s the story behind your online name?

Creating an online persona is fun for many of us and our online “name” is just one part of that fun. Some of us use our real name as part of our “handle” or screen name (e.g. frankie, Kel. Sr., rayboyjr.), while others go with something totally off-da-wall (e.g. MoOgooGuypAN, BananaFysh, S Ticket). This blog is meant to uncover the mystery that is your name, while giving you a chance to share a little more about yourself to the WWE `ohana. And no worries, even if your name is pretty straight forward (e.g. NeedaHobby, HNL2LAS, hemajang) we wanna know the real meaning and why it’s significant to you. Dig down deep folks. ūüôā

Speaking of hemajang, he recently asked this question to me:

The big question for me is…how come WWE when most of your posts are local specific?

Which prompted me to dig this one out of the idea box and post it! So here we are. Check out the meaning behind my name below and den post yours k? Shoots!

World Wide Ed was actually a nickname I had back at UH (that, and sedward,¬†the UH email account name I had at the time). I was a columnist for the Ka Leo O Hawaii student newspaper and wrote a column under the same¬†banner (World Wide Ed), for its similarity to the phrase World Wide Web, a topic in which I covered. That’s pretty much it. Kinda boring, but I’m sure the stories behind your names will be much more interesting. Share share!

P.S. To make things even more interesting, try and take a stab at guessing the meaning behind someone else’s name too. *grin* Or what about explaining your “other” nickname(s)?

Results from last week (Do You Facebook?)

  • Yes: 12 (DA WINNAH!)
  • No: 11

Hooo! Talk about a tight race!

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