Fun Day Monday: Please Interview…?

Last week, y’all went off on the “You Know You’re Local If…” topic. Much love for that! You guys are da bomb! 🙂 It got me thinkin’ though. Thinkin’ that we may have something here with the interactive thang. This week, I’m gonna try a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ and, although it probably won’t get as much action as last week, it might just get us a-talkin’ again. (At the same time, it’ll help a brutha out with some ideas for future articles… 8) )

So several months ago, I interviewed local songbird Anuhea Jenkins, and this month, I recently wrapped one up with MMA fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller. Yesterday, I got an email from my boy Justin Young (RE: our interview) so we’ve gots that one in the queue as well. I still really want to hook it up with BJ Penn (so if anyone has any connections, holla!), but, after getting real close, have been unsuccessful thus far. And… I may have one lined up with Colbie Caillat (*cross your fingers*) in the coming months. EXCITING!

I promise I’m getting to a point here… Hehe!

The point is, or rather, the question for this week’s Fun Day Monday is…

What (local) celebrity do you want me to interview?

* Who’s hot? Who’s interesting to you? Who do you want to know more about?
* AND/OR… If you’re a celebrity reading this or you can hook it up with one, holla atcho boy! 8)

Monkeying Around with Jason Mayhem Miller
Monkeying Around with Jason Mayhem Miller

I’ll start… BJ Penn and Colbie Caillat are next on my wishlist. You?


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