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Survey Thursday – Refi?

January 15, 2009

* With the mortgage rates at a record low, will/have you refinance(d) your current mortgage?

[What da heck is Survey Thursday?]

Let’s try an “adult” topic on for size and see how the comment activity goes. Hehe. I’m currently in the waiting/investigatory stages. If it drops once more, I will probably jump on the bandwagon. You?

Results from last week (Favorite Candy Bar?)

  • Tie – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: 4 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Tie – Kit Kat: 4 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Snickers: 3
  • Twix: 3
  • See’s peanut crunch candy: 3
  • Baby Ruth: 2
  • M&M’s: 2
  • Milky Way
  • Toblerone
  • U-NO bar mint
  • Cherry Ripe
  • Sugar free candies by Russell Stover & Whitman’s
  • Hershey Special Dark Chocolate (with some peanut butter on it)
  • Whoppers
  • Pom Poms
  • Reese’s sticks

Happy Survey Thursday y’all! It’s almost Aloha Friday!!!

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – January 14, 2009

January 14, 2009

Coconut Willy, aka C Dubbs, shmall kine went off last week but was able to nail it with his fourth guess. Please help me both congratulate him on his victory as well as thank him for bumpin’ my comment count up a notch… BAM! Hehe.

For this week’s WIHES, I’m posting a shot I took a couple years ago… I just hope it’s still there. LOL! Hurr ya go yo!

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - January 14, 2009
Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – January 14, 2009

Hint: From the background, I’m pretty sure you can figgah out where it is, but can you actually name the place of this joint??? Muhahaha!


Da “Where In Hawaii” Winnahz Circle!

Happy Hump Day Where In Hawaii Wednesday y’all. 🙂

Newsday Tuesday: Studs with Duds

January 13, 2009

Over the weekend, there were two interesting tidbits that occurred. Actor Josh Duhamel (“All My Children,” “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!,” “Transformers”) and singer Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) tied the knot at the Church Estates in Malibu California, and New England Patriots’ poster boy quarterback Tom Brady got engaged to supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Normally, I’m baffled by the questionable hookups/engagements/weddings of hot, celebrity females and their sub-average male choices (think Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas, or Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony, or the old Pamela Anderson & Bret Michaels/Scott Baio/Kid Rock/Tommy Lee, or anyone with Howard Stern)…

… But the two unions over the weekend really had me scratchin’ my head. And no, I’m not implying that I think Duhamel and Brady are “hot” (c’mon now… guys don’t look at other guys *grin*), but didn’t you think they could do better?

OK, so I (kinda) get it. Fergie is “Fergalicious” and can sing like a mutha… And yes, Bundchen is a supermodel and looks a-ight in a bikini, but still… Their beaus are were the studs of Hollywood and could’ve had the pick of the litter in Tinseltown. They could’ve chosen practically anyone… right?

Talk to me…
* Am I the only one thinking this?
* What other celebrity “huhs!?” are there out there?
* Who would you match up with Duhamel and Brady?
* Ladies, do you think these boys are “hot”? Who’s also on your (that’s) hot list?
* Men, if you were a Hollywood hunk, who would you like to be linked to?

Happy Newsday Tuesday y’all! Holla!

Boys’ Night Out

January 12, 2009

On Friday, wifey went out for drinks with her friend, so I decided to hang with a couple o’ friends for a good ol’ fashioned BNO (Boys’ Night Out). My friend Dave was flying in from Hilo on a later flight, so I first hooked it up with Bari to do what most straight men like to do together on a Friday night… shop and eat frozen yogurt. Ha!

OK, so before you get any ideas 😛 , here’s why….

In preparation for my BJ Penn/UFC 94 flyaway (yep! I’m goin’!), I had to get some threads that would match the atmosphere I would soon be in: cold and testosteroney with some Vegas flair. And Bari scratched up the lens on his sunglasses so he had to get replacements. See, we had good kine, legit reasons for shopping. The fro-yo date however, I’ve got no excuse for! Nah, nah! We were actually hungry but wanted to wait for Dave to fly in before we full-on ate. So there! 😉

Anyway, our hot date spot of the night would start at Ward Warehouse for some clothes/shades action and then to Menchie’s.

Boys' Night Out

Like its Manoa counterpart (Yogurtland), Menchie’s has a colorful interior…

Boys' Night Out

is self-serve…

Boys' Night Out

and has an assortment of toppings to choose from.

Boys' Night Out

Even though I never plan to, it seems that I always fill my cup to the brim with a bevy of randomness.

Boys' Night Out
A little macro action of my concoction

With the “I just landed” call from Dave, Bari and I walked off our yogurt and headed to Kanpai on Ward. It was bumpin’ when we got there.

Boys' Night Out

We ordered up a storm, including the braised shortrib loco moco…

Boys' Night Out

the spicy garlic chicken…

Boys' Night Out

fried rice with two eggs…

Boys' Night Out

and the Wafu style rib eye steak.

Boys' Night Out

With the eats, we shot the breeze and had a few shots (and a few more). It was overall, a fun night. How did you spend your BNO or GNO this weekend? (Hopefully, it wasn’t a Guy’s Afternoon In. 😛 “The Office” watchers are (hopefully) laughing…)

Talk to me!
* What’d you do for BNO or GNO this weekend?
* Ever been to Menchie’s? What’d you think? Better than Yogurtland?
* Ever been to Kanpai Bar & Grill? What’s your favorite dish?
* Where should I hit up next?

Happy Funday Monday y’all!

Fave Five Friday – Stink Breath Foods

January 9, 2009

Stink breat’! That’s right! I went there! Haha! Only on WWE I guess. LOL!

I’m pretty paranoid about stink breath so hopefully, the results we get from this list will help us all keep our mouths fresh kine yeah? Haha! Hurr we gooooo!

  1. Garlic – any kine and in any form. Ho da haunas!
  2. kako mochi Kakimochi – this sucks big time cause I loooooove eating it, but I’m usually not home when I do!
  3. Poke – See above. 😦
  4. Kim Chee – I guess this falls under garlic, but yikes! If you go good kine Korean BBQ, be prepared to have all your clothes smell like garlic and smoke l’dat too! 😦
  5. Italiano – again with the garlic eh? Smelly smelly. Even after I brush my teeth!
  6. Curry – maybe it’s just me, but my breath feels very curry-ish long after the meal. LOL!

Have a happy Friday (and weekend) y’all!

Are You Being Banned?
P.S. There have been several reports of accounts being “banned” from commenting. (Perhaps that explains the decreased comment count lately. Haha!) But seriously… if this is also happening to you, please send a message to me at and I’ll try to get to the bottom of it for you. I don’t have that power to ban, so it’s not me, but I can inquire with the tech folks at the ’tiser to see what’s going on… Don’t be scurred… lemme know so each of you can start posting 10 comments per day again. 😛

Survey Thursday – Favorite Candy Bar?

January 8, 2009

* What’s your favorite candy bar?

[What da heck is Survey Thursday?]

Like our previous survey for favorite breakfast cereal, here’s a fun one for those of us with a sweet tooth 🙂 For me, unless strawberry Dibs count as a candy bar, I think I gotta go with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups baby! YUM! If you’re stuck, here’s a list from Wikipedia.

Results from Several Weeks Ago (Mac or PC?)

  • PC: 12 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Mac: 3
  • Interesting Tidbit: PC-ers interested in a Mac: 9

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – January 7, 2009

January 7, 2009

Rodney, or, as I like to call him, “Tha Rodfather” won this contest last time we ran it., which was quite some time ago. Thanks to the Eves of Christmas and the New Year, WIHES was on a temporary hiatus, but now we’re back, in 2009, in full force son!

Ready? K-go!

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - January 7, 2009
Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – January 7, 2009

Hint: I think this is an easy one for all y’all, but which one hasn’t been? I gotsta start getting creative/confusing with my shots so the game can last longer than 10 minutes past midnight. 😛


Da “Where In Hawaii” Winnahz Circle!

OK, so now that it’s a new year, won’t y’all help a brutha out and make a resolution to post choke kine comments on World Wide Ed’s blog errday? 😛 I promise I don’t bite… hard!

Nah! It’s just that the comment counts have been slowing down (probably due to the holidays) and I just wanna feel like there are peeps out there who are actually reading this in addition to the supah dupah group of current WWE readers. Woo hoo *high five WWE readers*!

Show me that I’m not just entertaining myself everyday (Haha!), and holla atcho boy every once in a while to tell me you’re out there and reading a-ight? Much love! 8)

Happy Hump Day Where In Hawaii Wednesday y’all. 🙂

“News Day” Tuesday: Jason Mraz’s New Video Lucky

January 6, 2009

Sorry for being a bit MIA gang. I’ve been shmall kine slammed at work…

The good news is that we’re starting yet another “game” up in hurr. Awwww yeah!

Lessee, we’ve already got “Where In Hawaii Wednesday” (which I promise to get back to tomorrow 😛 ), “Survey Thursday,” and “Fave Five Friday.” “So what else could dat genius Ed think of next!?” you goin’ ask as well you may? Well, how about… wait for it… wait for it… *drumroll* “News Day Tuesday!” Woo hoo! *fireworks* *crowd erupts in cheers*

OK, so not quite as exciting as it may’ve sounded, but at least play along yeah?

Now, before I go an’ discover/invent “Funday Monday” (you heard it here first yo! 8) ), let’s concentrate on one thang at a time. This time, it’s the revolutionary “News Day Tuesday.”


So on News Day Tuesdays, I’ll periodically scan the scummy parts of the earth, oh, let’s say like the’s of the world, and if and when I find something interesting for us to chat about, I’ll post um here (yeah, I know it sounds strikingly similar to sistah Shauns – and some others here – a bit… but cut me some slack willya? 😛 ). For today though, here’s some oddah news that’s WWE worthy.

Jason Mraz, one of my favorite artists, finally released his duet with Colbie Caillat called “Lucky”, from his “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” album. The music video just hit the airwaves but was first made available as a bulletin announcement on MySpace. Check it out here and let’s discuss amongst ourselves below shall we?,t=1,mt=video

Talk to me!
* Is yous a fan of Jason Mraz too?
* What do you think of the song?
* Is yous a fan of Colbie Caillat?
* How about the music video? Like um?
* Ever had a L.D.R. (long distance relationship) like this? Can/Could you relate to how they feel?
* What other songs are out there right now that you dig on?
* Doesn’t my new photo (with the Maile Lei and all!) make me look like ______?


Eating Your Way Through Japan – Part I

January 4, 2009
 Part I  | Part II

[A hearty welcome to all you new World Wide Ed readers from the print world… Much love for visiting! Let’s make um a habit from now k? 😛 ]

About a month ago, the brand spankin’ new wifey and I went back to the motherland for our honeymoon. ‘Twas ten days of ‘moonin bliss, complete with shopping, temples, trains, onsens, monkeys (yeah, monkeys!), snow, wedding reception #2, and, best of all… food.

I’m hoping to eventually break this out into a full-fledged review of Japan (little girl diary style 😛 ), but for purposes of this blog, let’s just concentrate on the eats yo! Cool? Cool! Let’s do this!

Our first night was spent touring the Odaiba area where we stayed. We walked over to the Aqua City and Decks Tokyo Beach (Tokyo Joyopolis) shopping districts for some product-browsing and sight-seeing.

Night time view of Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba
Night time view of Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba

In the mood for some good kine Japanese rahmen, we poked around the food courts at Decks to see if anything spoke to us. Nothing did. So we took it to the streets. Awesome choice, as we ran into Yotteko-Ya Ramen. Yeah, the same one that made its way to McCully Shopping Center on Oahu.

Located on the ground floor between Decks Tokyo Beach and the Yurikamome Line (local train), the flamboyant exterior quickly catches your eye.

Outside Odaiba's Yotteko-Ya Ramen
Outside Odaiba’s Yotteko-Ya Ramen

I swear, every time we visited the one in McCully, they were sold out of their popular Paitan soup base ramen (the thick, creamy one). We’ve been there on at least 5 different occasions at 5 different times (even like 10 in the morning!), and, every single time, they were sold out. We were beginning to think that it was some kind of a conspiracy, and that they only made enough soup base for three bowls or something. We were glad to get the authentic one straight from the source.

Char Siu Ramen from Yotteko-Ya Ramen
Char Siu Ramen from Yotteko-Ya Ramen

Yotteko-Ya Ramen

Much like some Las Vegas hotel packages, the great thing about some of the hotels in Japan is that the price of the room includes meals. The next morning, we enjoyed a delicious Japanese style buffet breakfast at Ocean Dining Restaurant.

Buffet table at Ocean Dining Restaurant, Hotel Nikko Tokyo Hotel, Odaiba
Buffet table at Ocean Dining Restaurant, Hotel Nikko Tokyo Hotel, Odaiba

Our view of Rainbow Bridge during our eats was amazing!

Our beautiful view with my not so beautiful mound o' food
Our beautiful view with my not so beautiful mound o’ food

Hotel Nikko Tokyo – Odaiba

Then, it was off to see the town baby. We took the Yurikamome line to Shimbashi Station and walked to the Ginza district. There, the wife shopped at various department stores, including the (apparently *rolling eyes*) popular H&M store from America. We also found some time to snack in between.

Treats at Nenrinya
Treats at Nenrinya

Yes, we’re posers. We didn’t actually buy anything from here (if you saw the crazy lines, you wouldn’t either! 😛 ), but we did capture some shots for you curious bees out there.

The line at Nenrinya
The line at Nenrinya


One place we weren’t posers at was Starbucks (the Ginza Matsuya-dori store to be exact). We stopped to fill our tummies here real quick like.

Two Tall Tazo Chai Tea Lattes (¥940) and one Strawberry Roll (¥280). Typical Starbucks prices...
Two Tall Tazo Chai Tea Lattes (¥940) and one Strawberry Roll (¥280). Typical Starbucks prices…

On the wall, we noticed a sign that said “Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd. The 1st Store August 2nd 1996″… Pretty cool! We’ve been to the first store in America (Seattle) and now Japan. Where’s next? 🙂

Sign at Starbucks Ginza Matsuya-dori store: Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd. The 1st Store August 2nd 1996
Sign at Starbucks Ginza Matsuya-dori store: “Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd. The 1st Store August 2nd 1996”

Starbucks Ginza Matsuya-dori

Refueled, we caught the JR Yamanote Line to Harajuku to check out the famous Takeshita Doori. There we went to a food court and ate at the best looking option: Umaya.


They are famous for their Miso Fried Noodles, which I loaded up with all the toppings I could get my hands on (including Nori, Katsuobushi (dried tuna), Sansho (Sichuan pepper), and Black Pepper)!

Miso Yakisoba (Fried Noodles) from Umaya (with my bevy of sprinkles!)
Miso Yakisoba (Fried Noodles) from Umaya (with my bevy of sprinkles!)

The next day, we headed to Ueno to check out the popular Ameyayokocho shopping street.

Ameyayokocho, also known as Ameyoko, in Ueno
Ameyayokocho, also known as Ameyoko, in Ueno

This area is good for buying snack-type omiyage or produce if you were gonna whip up something yourself at home. We walked by a fresh fish/sashimi type street stand that seemed to be getting a lot of action Jackson. Perhaps, if it were lunchtime we would’ve checked it out, but, ah, next time!

The line at a popular sushi/sashimi stand in Ameyoko
The line at a popular sushi/sashimi stand in Ameyoko

Next stop: Sensoji Temple in Asakusa.

Sensoji Temple in Asakusa
Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

The path leading to the temple is full of vendors selling anything from gifts, to good luck charms, to food.

Mall leading to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa
Mall leading to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

We ate our share of fresh snacks like kinako mochi on a stick, fresh senbei (cooked right in front of you) and red bean manju in the shape of birds.

For lack of a better name, let's call this one mochi-on-a-stick. :P
For lack of a better name, let’s call this one mochi-on-a-stick. 😛

Frying up fresh senbei and dipping it in their shoyu-sugar base. YUM!
Frying up fresh senbei and dipping it in their shoyu-sugar base. YUM!

Wifey got her hands on all the warm, an filled manju
Wifey got her hands on all the warm, an filled manju

Then it was back to Ginza for a kushikatsu restaurant recommended by pops. To kill time, we did more browsing/shopping and ended up at a neat, little Tea Lounge on the top floor of Ito-Ya (a popular paper/pen/office supply type store).

Ito-Ya Tea Lounge, Ginza, Japan
Ito-Ya Tea Lounge, Ginza, Japan

There, we rested our bones from the day’s travel, next to a hot (and cold) cup of Joe, er Tea.

Hot and Cold Tea from Ito-Ya's Tea Lounge
Hot and Cold Tea from Ito-Ya’s Tea Lounge

And that concludes Part I yo. WHEW!

Sorry, but there are CHOKE photos from the kushikatsu restaurant, so you’re gonna have to wait for those in part II. *grin*

Talk to me!
* Been to any of these hotspots yourself?
* How were your experiences there?
* Gonna check um out next time you go to Japan?
* What are the “must-trys” at the places I went to so far, but missed?
* Did I make you hungry yet? 😛

Happy New Year y’all! Hope you’re still holding strong by your resolutions this, what, 4th day into the new year. 😉 Shoots!

 Part I  | Part II

P.S. No fo-get fo check out my latest column:

Anuhea Jenkins - Reppin' Hawaii One Song At a Time
Anuhea Jenkins – Reppin’ Hawaii One Song At a Time

Anuhea Jenkins – Reppin’ Hawaii One Song At a Time

January 1, 2009

You know how sometimes, when you’re out on the town, eating and drinking with your homies, background music is just that, background music? Neither here nor there, it’s usually just “stuff” filling the empty spaces around your conversation. Well, once you hear her voice, there’s no way that one Anuhea Jenkins can ever be considered background again. You see, back in November, when my boys took me to Tiki’s Grill & Bar for stop one of my bachelor party, I heard a voice that went beyond filling empty spaces.

Since then, I’ve been intrigued and wanted to know more.

Via Google, I was able to find her on Myspace and eventually messaged her to ask for this interview. Turns out, sistah is big on social networking/viral marketing and has been getting her hustle on since 2006.

Anuhea Jenkins

And it’s all about to pay off with her debut album coming out later this month.

Here’s her story:

Edward Sugimoto) What is the history/significance behind your folks naming you Anuhea? Looking up “Anuhea” online, I read that it translates to “cool mountain breeze.” Is this accurate? Did you like growing up with such a unique name? What nicknames did/do your friends call you?

Anuhea Jenkins) My great grandma who is almost pure Hawaiian had a dream with the name Anuheakealaokalokelani before I was born. Same thing with all her great grandchildren’s names. It means the cool fragrance of the heavenly rose, which is the Maui flower. Friends call me Anu. Anuhea by itself does mean cool breeze.  Growing up in Hawaii Anuhea wasn’t too hard to live with, especially at Kamehameha, but going to the mainland its difficult to get people to remember it. I tell them It sounds like “a new hea dew”, minus the “dew”. (Like, I just got a new hair dew…)

Edward Sugimoto) You grew up in Maui right? Give us a little history of little Anuhea. Were you a rascal? Good student? Boy Crazy? Whut?

Anuhea Jenkins) I grew up in Makawao, Maui. Went to Hawaiian immersion school, Kula Kaiapuni, where you speak Hawaiian for every class, then I changed schools a bunch throughout Maui. I think people were tripped out to see this little blonde hair blue eyed girl who could speak Hawaiian fluently. I spent a lot of time running around the neighborhood barefoot. Hide and seek and rock fights with the neighborhood kids and my 3 younger siblings. I was a good student, got a full ride to Kamehameha in 7th grade so spent the next 6 years of school boarding on Oahu. Not a girly girl in the slightest but not a full fledge tomboy. My dad was a basketball coach/PE teacher, so a lot of people on Maui know him. I was known as Mr. Jenkins’s daughter. He’s really strict, so boys would be scared to talk to me cause they were afraid of my dad! But luckily he’s a cool guy too, everyone loves and fears my dad.  I think a lot of people thought I was weird, probably still do!  I have an interesting sense of humor, class clown style.  Jackass was me and my friends’s favorite TV show and we’d reenact the shopping cart scenes, and tripping and falling on busy sidewalks on video camera was funny to us.  I surfed a lot, played sports, waterpolo in high school, drama and theater, video club president, always had a video camera with me.

Anuhea and her BFF Mandy
Anuhea and her BFF Mandy

Edward Sugimoto) Your first love was film, earning numerous scholarships for film school. Why’d you lose interest?

Anuhea Jenkins) I wasn’t really focused on video when I was studying it, to be honest. The shock of being in Orange County from Hawaii was pretty intense for me for some reason, and I think it was just bad timing. I had a boyfriend that I missed a bunch back home on Maui, so I’d write songs and work 2 jobs to buy plane tickets home instead of studying. I chalk it up to all things happen for a reason, cause if I didn’t leave who knows what I’d be doing. Although video is something I will always pursue as a hobby. Someday I want to make a real documentary.

Edward Sugimoto) What made you want to run for Miss Maui? What if you had won!?

Anuhea Jenkins) I know, dodged that bullet, huh!  No but I ran for Miss Maui for the challenge. I thrive off of challenges. I had hit a point where I was pretty stagnant, and I had some student loans I really wanted to pay off. Plus you see pageants on TV and stuff as a kid, and I just always wanted to try to be that girly girl for once in my life. If I had won, I honestly would have pursued my platform which was education through media. Although even at the time of the pageant I knew music was what I wanted to do. It was great practice for a life in the entertainment spotlight.

Edward Sugimoto) What is one thing people may not know about you? (Anuhea trivia if you will.)

Anuhea Jenkins) That I’m a huge MMA fan. I admire the dedication it takes to commit to a fight and the training and then the performance in the octagon. Its reflective of how I view a career in music sort of. How you practice practice practice for one show, then its over, how you have to earn your fans based on performance, and how you must live and breathe it everyday.

I love BJ Penn and all he’s doing to make a name for himself to the world while representing Hawaii and Hawaiians. I want to do the same. Shine a light on true Hawaii through any successes I may come to in this career.

With The Prodigy, BJ Penn
With The Prodigy, BJ Penn

Edward Sugimoto) Hobbies, other than music?

Anuhea Jenkins) I’m getting really into stand up paddling. Tried it for the first time this year, and I’m dying to buy a board of my own. I also love the outdoors, hiking, running in nature, the beach, etc. Being outside often is vital.

Edward Sugimoto) Your day job (if you have one)?

Anuhea Jenkins) No day job anymore. I worked super hard right before I went to LA to record in May of 08, been gigging for my pocket change ever since. I was a barista for a long time, and I even have a song about it on the album called “Barista By Day”… about working that 9-5 and wanting so badly to play music instead. I was not cut out for the type of job where you clock in and clock out. I like my livelihood to encompass my every action. Makes life easier.

Edward Sugimoto) What is a typical day in the life of Anuhea Jenkins?

Anuhea Jenkins) No two days are the same for me anymore! I usually am up late at night either at a gig or out and about, so I don’t get to bed till late, which means I wake up kinda late. Coffee is VITAL for me, as is breakfast. I check my internet stuffs, do something like run Koko Head crater or hit the gym before everyone gets out of work and it’s packed, and then I am on the hustle the rest of the day. I spend a lot of time online and on my phone picking up gigs, trying to open doors and get balls rolling. I’m hustling to get as many people to know who I am before the album is out so when they see it they’ll already have heard of me. Steady on the grind, hustling all day. At night I might have a show or go support other friends. Since moving to Oahu in September, anytime I have a chance to meet new people and network, I’m on it. It’s hard moving somewhere new, so I’m getting into the scene slowly but surely. I practice guitar and try to learn a new song every week, especially with my weekly gigs its always fun to learn the popular song on the radio and do my rendition of it. I know all this will change once the album is out… we’ll be traveling way more, and even more inconsistent days living out of suitcases and such. Can’t wait!


Edward Sugimoto) How would you describe your music to the Anuhea virgin? (type of sound, similar to who?)

Anuhea Jenkins) I’m influenced highly by R&B and Soul, Hip Hop and Funk, but my instrument is acoustic guitar. I’m a typical chick born in 85, influenced by everything that every other 23 year old is influenced by, so my style is just a mixture of it all. I hate to compare specific artists, but I may say Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz meets Fergie. Lyrics are super important to me, and every song has a real meaning behind it. So hopefully people will dig the melodies as well as the message.

Anuhea and her guitar
Anuhea and her guitar

Edward Sugimoto) The first time I ever saw/heard you was at Tiki’s for my bachelor party. I wasn’t facing you, but as soon as you opened your mouth, I had to turn around and see who the h*ll that was. 😉 Your voice is so original, though the first thing that popped into my mind was Colbie Caillat. Do you get that a lot? Why do I get the feeling that you don’t really like that comparison?

Anuhea Jenkins) Thanks for the compliment! But the Colbie thing? Ahhhh I get that all the time. She hit mainstream before I did (hehehe..) so I expect everyone to compare me to her since she’s pulling the Hawaii card and has sort of that acoustic island vibe about her. But I say I’m funkier, edgier. I’m looking to collab with rap artists and funk bands, do some things that chicks with acoustic guitars haven’t done before. I really need to write some songs in all Hawaiian though, something my tutu is pushing me to do, and I haven’t gotten around to.

Edward Sugimoto) Is that why your Myspace says, “Sounds like: Anuhea”? You like to be unique vocally and musically?

Anuhea Jenkins) Yes, it’s so easy for people to categorize artists with others, oh she’s just another Jewel or whatever. I’m guilty of doing the same thing with other artists for convenience sake. But we are all ourselves, and unique in our own way. I pride myself in certain things, and being from Hawaii makes me proud. Hawaii has such a unique music scene, our own style that the rest of the world doesn’t even realize. I want people in the rest of the world to be conscious that I’m from Hawaii right off the bat.

Edward Sugimoto) When did you first pick up music and why? When did you realize that it was your calling?

Anuhea Jenkins) Kamehameha schools has song contest every year, so between that, chapel two times a week, and Young Life club that I was a part of, I was singing all the time in school, but so was everyone else. My aunty being a singer, I knew all her songs in and out since I was a little kid. But looking back I think I was into it more than others. In sixth grade around the Spice Girls era my friends and I started a little girl band called Cloud 9… ha! I still remember the songs we wrote. In high school me and my friends would make music videos and one of my BFFs Kimie, who also sings, and I made this music video commercial for Ragu Pasta that we won a contest for, and got like a years supply of Ragu Express and a shopping spree and stuff! Music was always just for fun. Started playing guitar in 11th grade, and used it to write songs for fun from then on. Wasn’t until after I got back from Australia did I think I could take it on as a career. But my grandma has some video footage of me as a three year old singing songs that I made up, and pictures of me dancing to New Kids on the Block on TV.

Anuhea blowin' [Photo courtesy of Stan at]
Anuhea blowin’ [Photo courtesy of Stan at]

Edward Sugimoto) Your musical influences/heroes?

Anuhea Jenkins) Jack Johnson. Number one. Talked to him a few times and he said he’s heard of my music through friends and stuff… I almost fainted. He’s a huge reason why I play guitar. India Arie and Jason Mraz as well. They all have such style. I think that’s the most important thing in music, actually in ANYTHING you do… style.

Edward Sugimoto) If you could work with anyone in the music industry to make that #1 hit, who would it be and why? Same question, but pick a local, artist from Hawaii (who hasn’t hit it big).

Anuhea Jenkins) I would love to work with Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes again. We did one song together on a whim after meeting at one of his shows in San Francisco. He’s extremely talented, and has the vibe that I think could tear up the main stream hip hop BS that’s clouding right now. But making some stuff from scratch with him could be cool. He loves Hall and Oates and classic rock although he makes hip hop, so putting it all together should be interesting to see what conspires.

As far as Hawaii goes, there are so many that I want to collab with. From Maui there’s B.U.B’z who is an amazing producer as well as singer/rapper with mad style. We’ve started working on some dub versions of my songs, stay tuned. Guerrilla Jazz is an up and coming group from Maui as well that are so unique – hip hop and ukulele- I want to do something with them too. J-Boog too! His voice is so sick.  I’ve already gotten to work with King Kekai (Rhythm of the Falling Rain) who is an amazing producer as well, and he’s coming out with his 2nd album December 30th.  He’s breaking some boundaries of the Hawaiian music scene, and talking about stuff nobody really touches on.  I admire him for that.  I’d love to do more with Kekai as well.

Edward Sugimoto) If you could emulate anyone’s career in the music industry, who would it be and why?

Anuhea Jenkins) Jason Mraz had a very grass roots beginning, lots of focus on his acoustic stuff before he hit mainstream pop. I really like that. It gives validation to his talent since its not just a hype, he really deserves it.

And Fergie, and Rihanna! They’re the go-to girls when you need a hook sung or some female flavor to hip hop/r&b songs – I’d love to jump in that pool. Bring some Hawaii to it.

Edward Sugimoto) What is your fantasy concert scenario (e.g. jamming with who? at where? in front of how many? singing what?)

Anuhea Jenkins) Jamming with Jack Johnson at a backyard BBQ with just a couple dozen peeps, and Jack singing background harmonies to one of my songs…. Hehehe…. 🙂

Edward Sugimoto) Ultimate goal/dream musically?

Anuhea Jenkins) To have a song that I wrote change someone’s life. To me that would have made my life worth something, you know? But of course I strive to have something on MTV, to win a Grammy, to tour the world singing songs I love. I just want to be able to do music for the rest of my life and to be happy.

Edward Sugimoto) “Rhythm of the Falling Rain” gives sort of a local, Hawaii vibe (ala Ka’au Crater Boys), while still putting your own, hip-hop, funky stamp on it. Is reppin’ Hawaii in your music important to you?

Anuhea Jenkins) Absolutely important, and inevitable. Reggae music is a huge influence of mine although my style isn’t necessarily reggae per say. And like I mentioned before, Hawaii has such a unique thing going on with our music scene, I want to be able to fit into this scene as well as mainstream. Maybe be that bridge that connects our style to the rest of the world.

Anuhea with Shawn Pimental on drums
Anuhea with Shawn Pimental on drums

Edward Sugimoto) Your aunty is Nalani Choy from Na Leo. Did you grow up watching her, thinking that career path might be interesting to you?

Anuhea Jenkins) I got to witness at a very young age all the cool things her career involved. Traveling, the performing life, playing instruments, having songs on the radio and TV… it was really cool to witness, and it made it more of a touchable reality seeing her do it.

Edward Sugimoto) Now you’re signed to her label OneHawaii Music. How has it been working so closely with your Aunty?

Anuhea Jenkins) It’s been awesome, she’s one of my biggest role models. We keep it pretty professional when it comes to the business stuff, but she is my blood aunty so it’s nice to know she’s always there for me. I’m so blessed to have her shape my career like this.

Edward Sugimoto) When is your album supposed to be released?

Anuhea Jenkins) It’s going to be released on iTunes exclusively on January 27th. For one month the only place you can download it is there, then the street date is February 24th. It’s been a long road, but I’m beyond excited and I know it will be worth the wait, and all the hard work.

[Editor’s note: album release date has been pushed back to Tuesday March 24th with an iTunes release of Tuesday Februrary 24th]

Edward Sugimoto) Where would your life be if it wasn’t for music? Movie director? *grin*

Anuhea Jenkins) I think about that sometimes, and I have no idea! All I know is the type of person I am, and I can not stand complacency. Change is comfortable to me, so a regular job wouldn’t work. Something to do with entertainment, either a concert promoter or behind the scenes of a reality TV show or something like that. Or even a broadcast journalist. I used to be into that in high school too, anchorwoman style!

Edward Sugimoto) What is the most exciting/rewarding part of doing music?

Anuhea Jenkins) The most rewarding part of this music thing is when people tell me that a song I wrote is “their song”… or that it helped them through something. This couple from Australia found me on myspace and hired me to play at their wedding in Waimea Valley last year. They chose my song “I Just Want You Around” as their wedding song… and knowing that forever more, that song is “their” song… crazy. Affecting peoples lives through doing what I love, it amazes me. Exciting though is meeting and slowly beginning to jam with people that I was once just a huge fan of… like Natural Vibes and Fiji. I know it will happen more and more, but it’s such a trip!

Edward Sugimoto) Anything else to add to your friend/fans out there?

Anuhea Jenkins) Thank you so much for the support thus far. The positive reinforcement is what keeps me going. In this viral age, I’m super into myspace, Facebook, youtube, etc. so if you are too, hit me up online! Very easy to check up on. search Anuhea Jenkins

With her voice, her passion, and her hustle, there ain’t no way that Anuhea Jenkins will not succeed. Come February 24th, Anuhea will come to the foreground.

Anuhea at sunset [Photo courtesy of Brooke Dombrosky -]
Anuhea at sunset [Photo courtesy of Angelina Hills –]