Survey Thursday – How Old You Stay?

* How old you stay (group yourself in one of the categories below)?

A) Me, Adam & Eve were homies!
B) I could be your dad!
C) You’re cool! We could’ve been classmates son!
D) Anyone born in the 70s or before is old brah!
E) Shut up and lemme get back to the Disney Channel!
F) You could be MY dad!

I’ve always been interested in how old young you cool WWE readers were, but I also nevah like get too personal. I think this is a fair, non-obtrusive way for me to get some hints about you guys no? 🙂 Holla!

Results from last week (Will you Refi?)

  • Tie – Depends/Unsure: 8 (DA WINNAH!)
  • No: 2
  • Yes: 0

Happy Survey Thursday y’all! It’s almost Aloha Friday!!!

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One Response to “Survey Thursday – How Old You Stay?”

  1. Survey Thursday - BJ Penn or Georges St. Pierre? | World Wide Ed Says:

    […] Me? I gotta go with our local boy Penn. Not only is he from our aina, but he is unbelievably talented in the art of combat, and makes me crack up in every interview he does. I just love it that people outside of Hawaii are also huge fans of his. Represent baby! Results from last week (How Old You Stay?) […]

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