Boys’ Night Out

On Friday, wifey went out for drinks with her friend, so I decided to hang with a couple o’ friends for a good ol’ fashioned BNO (Boys’ Night Out). My friend Dave was flying in from Hilo on a later flight, so I first hooked it up with Bari to do what most straight men like to do together on a Friday night… shop and eat frozen yogurt. Ha!

OK, so before you get any ideas 😛 , here’s why….

In preparation for my BJ Penn/UFC 94 flyaway (yep! I’m goin’!), I had to get some threads that would match the atmosphere I would soon be in: cold and testosteroney with some Vegas flair. And Bari scratched up the lens on his sunglasses so he had to get replacements. See, we had good kine, legit reasons for shopping. The fro-yo date however, I’ve got no excuse for! Nah, nah! We were actually hungry but wanted to wait for Dave to fly in before we full-on ate. So there! 😉

Anyway, our hot date spot of the night would start at Ward Warehouse for some clothes/shades action and then to Menchie’s.

Boys' Night Out

Like its Manoa counterpart (Yogurtland), Menchie’s has a colorful interior…

Boys' Night Out

is self-serve…

Boys' Night Out

and has an assortment of toppings to choose from.

Boys' Night Out

Even though I never plan to, it seems that I always fill my cup to the brim with a bevy of randomness.

Boys' Night Out
A little macro action of my concoction

With the “I just landed” call from Dave, Bari and I walked off our yogurt and headed to Kanpai on Ward. It was bumpin’ when we got there.

Boys' Night Out

We ordered up a storm, including the braised shortrib loco moco…

Boys' Night Out

the spicy garlic chicken…

Boys' Night Out

fried rice with two eggs…

Boys' Night Out

and the Wafu style rib eye steak.

Boys' Night Out

With the eats, we shot the breeze and had a few shots (and a few more). It was overall, a fun night. How did you spend your BNO or GNO this weekend? (Hopefully, it wasn’t a Guy’s Afternoon In. 😛 “The Office” watchers are (hopefully) laughing…)

Talk to me!
* What’d you do for BNO or GNO this weekend?
* Ever been to Menchie’s? What’d you think? Better than Yogurtland?
* Ever been to Kanpai Bar & Grill? What’s your favorite dish?
* Where should I hit up next?

Happy Funday Monday y’all!


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