Fave Five Friday – Stink Breath Foods

Stink breat’! That’s right! I went there! Haha! Only on WWE I guess. LOL!

I’m pretty paranoid about stink breath so hopefully, the results we get from this list will help us all keep our mouths fresh kine yeah? Haha! Hurr we gooooo!

  1. Garlic – any kine and in any form. Ho da haunas!
  2. kako mochi Kakimochi – this sucks big time cause I loooooove eating it, but I’m usually not home when I do!
  3. Poke – See above. 😦
  4. Kim Chee – I guess this falls under garlic, but yikes! If you go good kine Korean BBQ, be prepared to have all your clothes smell like garlic and smoke l’dat too! 😦
  5. Italiano – again with the garlic eh? Smelly smelly. Even after I brush my teeth!
  6. Curry – maybe it’s just me, but my breath feels very curry-ish long after the meal. LOL!

Have a happy Friday (and weekend) y’all!

Are You Being Banned?
P.S. There have been several reports of accounts being “banned” from commenting. (Perhaps that explains the decreased comment count lately. Haha!) But seriously… if this is also happening to you, please send a message to me at world.wide.ed@gmail.com and I’ll try to get to the bottom of it for you. I don’t have that power to ban, so it’s not me, but I can inquire with the tech folks at the ’tiser to see what’s going on… Don’t be scurred… lemme know so each of you can start posting 10 comments per day again. 😛

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