Survey Thursday – Mac or PC?

* Which do you like better Mac or PC?

[What da heck is Survey Thursday?]

I know I goin’ get mayjah heat fo dis one, but I goin’ go PC. *cringing*

Last Week’s Results (Favorite Aloha Shirt Brand?)

  • Tommy Bahama: 3 (DA WINNAHS!)
  • Riggers: 3 (DA WINNAHS!)
  • Sig Zane: 2
  • Kahala: 2
  • Tori Richard: 2
  • Quicksilver: 2
  • Hilo Hatties
  • Local Motion
  • T&C
  • Manuhealii
  • Cooke Street ones at Costco
  • Op
  • Kahala
  • Iolani
  • Honolua Surf Co.

Ho, sad when my winnahs only get 3 votes yeah? Hehe! Shoots!

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3 Responses to “Survey Thursday – Mac or PC?”

  1. yn Says:

    easy one – PC 😀

  2. Survey Thursday - Favorite Candy Bar? | World Wide Ed Says:

    […] Like our previous survey for favorite breakfast cereal, here’s a fun one for those of us with a sweet tooth For me, unless strawberry Dibs count as a candy bar, I think I gotta go with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups baby! YUM! If you’re stuck, here’s a list from Wikipedia. Results from Several Weeks Ago (Mac or PC?) […]

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