Survey Thursday – Favorite Aloha Shirt Brand?

* What is your favorite Aloha Shirt brand?

[What da heck is Survey Thursday?]

I gotta go with Reyn Spooner yo.

Last Week’s Results (Advice for Wedding Day?)

  • Relax and enjoy yourselves: 5 (DA WINNAH!)
  • Take it all in and enjoy the day/savor the moments: 3
  • Just be yourself and have fun!!! don’t be so serious…: 3
  • Don’t push the bride into the water: 2
  • It’s inevitable that something won’t go according to your well laid out plan. Don’t worry about it, nobody will notice.: 2
  • take a lot of pictures and give your guests the disposable cameras to use, then return.
  • make a plate of food during your reception to eat later
  • Make sure you take time to remember moments.
  • don’t get mad at the bride, groomsmen, or guests.
  • be prepared for anything
  • no grooms and groomsmen pictures done with your guys’ shades on.
  • don’t let the bride’s father sweat you
  • if the drunk uncle gets out of hand, threaten him.
  • DELEGATE!!!!
  • don’t forget to stay hydrated!
  • watch where you’re going…don’t step on wife’s dress!
  • breathe . . . breathe again . . .
  • Be nice when feeding your bride cake
  • do the “stop-the-rain” dance
  • Take very small sips when toasting at each table

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