Return of the Ed

Alooooooooha! Your boy Ed missed our little WWE `ohana up in this blogosphere, ya heard!?

Ho, talk about exhaustion though!

First, it was all about jamming um at work to finish errthang before I hele for 3 weeks… (Not looking too forward to the billions of emails when I return either.)

Den, the week leading up to the big day was full of errand running and frantic last minute preps that were left until crunch time.

Den, the whirlwind of the big dance, and den it was off to Japan for the honeymoon for two weeks. Woah!

We got back on Friday, but I think the ol’ body clock is still having a hahd time fo adjust.

Besides crying your eyes out 😛 , whatcha guys been up to man? I know this is kinda femme(bot) sounding, but I missed you guys. 😉 So give it to me. Geev me da scoops! What’s the single biggest thing that happened to you in the last three weeks. Update me and your WWE `ohana willya!?  (If ya can’t think of anything on a personal level, how ’bout sharing what the biggest thing in Hawaii nei was? I’ve been out of the country for 2 weeks after all… catch me up man! 🙂 )

I’ll start (even though mines is pretty easy, and I’m sure y’all already know anyway) : I’ve changed my title from Fiancé to Husband, Single to Married, “Mad No Game” to “Game Over”. Speaking of which, I’ll end this here post with an image that the wife’s bridesmaid used in her speech when talking about me (she said that it was a sneak preview of my next blog… and you know what, since I’m using it now, she was right!). The guests laughed at my expense, but it’s all good.

Um, yeah thanks Noele!
Um, yeah thanks Noele!

Glad to be back y’all…

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