Columnists’ Holiday Party at the Road Runner Music Hall


With a whoppin’ 7 comments on yesterday’s post (2 of which were mine!), I decided to postpone the oh so popular wedding related posts to next week (while I’m on vacation). That way, I won’t have to be in front of a computer when I cry my eyes out at the lack of comments. Haha! I keed. But seriously, let’s get back to some hard core postin’ shall we?

On Friday, we had our annual, holiday get-together with our hard workin’ย AroundHawaii columnists. I always look forward to these, as I get to meet and see the faces of the eclectic bunch that I usually only communicate with via email throughout the year. This year, our attending experts, spanning such topics as surf (Sean & Lane Davey and Dean Luke), computing (Yasuo Ogawa and Kiman Wong), recipes (Liz Rizzo), golf (Danielle Tucker), real estate (Joe Segal), jewelry (Russell Oshita), finance (Jon Yamasato), local food (Grant Kawasaki), Las Vegas (Kimo Akane), style (Cathy Lee), parenting (Diane Ako), and travel (Claus Hansen), enjoyed the festivities at the Road Runner Music Hall, an amazing facility put together by the folks at Clear Channel Communications.

The prizes were compliments of Oceanic Time Warner Cable, the delicious food was catered both by Creations In Catering and the gang at Clear Channel Communications, and the entertainment was by a new group called Onward. The lead singer’s voice (Chad?) was pretty killah! Here are some scenes from the night (mahalo to Kiman Wong for the shots!)!

Stage at the Road Runner Music Hall
Stage at the Road Runner Music Hall

Some of the Night's Prizes
Some of the Night’s Prizes

Pupu Starter: Poke
Pupu Starter: Poke

Pupu Starter: Cocktail Shrimp
Pupu Starter: Cocktail Shrimp

Onward, Rocking the stage at the Road Runner Music Hall
Onward, Rocking the stage at the Road Runner Music Hall

Shout outs!
* Mahalo to Charmaine and the gang at Creations In Catering for putting together an amazing menu for my peeps.
* Mahalo to the man Kevin Jones and the rest of the staffers at Clear Channel Communications, for helping to coordinate such a successful night!
* Mahalo to the killah reggae band Onward. You guys were awesome!
* Mahalo to Gwen, Maribel, Kiman, Alan, Noreen, Matt and everyone else atย Oceanic Time Warner Cable, for helping to make this night possible!

I feel like I just won an Emmy or somethin’!


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2 Responses to “Columnists’ Holiday Party at the Road Runner Music Hall”

  1. Liane Lum Says:

    Hey Ed!

    Just stumbled across your blog site while doing a search. I’d love to do a blog someday. Just a little lazy to keep up with one.

    Thanks for a fun holiday party on Friday. I really enjoyed myself!

    Take care,
    Liane ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. World Wide Ed Says:

    Thanks Liane! Had a great time myself. Thanks for coming on out! ๐Ÿ™‚

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