Fave Five Friday – Favorite Hawaii Eateries

I heard ya loud and clear yesterday. It’s shmall kine hard to pick just one favorite Hawaii food/product. And yeah, I could’ve been lazy and simply carried over the same question to today’s fave five, but you WWE readers deserve more than that! It’s TGIF after all. We needsta have our fun right!? Woo hoo! So instead of listing your Fave Five Hawaii foods (you can do that too if you like), let’s stay on the same theme of food and put the call out for your favorite Hawaii restaurants/eateries/hole-in-the-walls, etc.!

Hurr’s mine. Holla!

  1. Tokkuri-Tei – Holy cow! Da bomb! That’s all you need to know!
  2. Tenkaippin – Authentic, Japanese style rahmen with a super thick soup base (Kotteri rahmen).
  3. Shige’s Saimin Stand – Da bes’ local style saimin in the State. Sorry Hamura lovers!
  4. Jewel or Juice – A recent addition to my list of faves. They have the best Acai Bowls in the State!
  5. I’m leaving this one blank ’cause I know I’m missing one… I’ll wait to see what you guys come up with and update with mine latahz.

My Fave Five Hawaii foods for good measure!

  1. Poke – anykine, anyplace, anytime!
  2. Peanut Butter filled Mochi – from Home Maid Bakery in Maui
  3. Loco Moco – da bes’ to start your day during breakfast.
  4. Saimin – preferably from Shige’s
  5. Again, I’m leaving this one blank ’cause I know I’m missing somethin’.

P.S. I’m on vacay again today (yes, again), but be sure to keep postin’ even though it may look like you nevah. Hopefully, someone at the Advertiser can help me “release” the comments in the queue until I can get back to a computer. Happy Friday y’all and have a nice weekend k? Shoots!

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