How Was Your Weekend Yo?

I’m on vacation today, but have magically queued up this post to go up automatically for me while I’m still asleep. Smahtcheah?

In my continuing effort to get us WWE readers to bond with each other, how about we post how our weekend went below? Give as little or as much detail as you like. Da rest of us can comment about it and start a dialog with each other. Funyeah?

I’ll go first.

Playing Nostradamus, I’ll try to guess how my weekend activities went! LOL!

  • Met with a potentially new accountant on Friday. With all the changes happening in my life these days, I don’t think the 1040EZ will cut it anymore. Ha!
  • Engagement photos were fun! They came out really nice! Haha!
  • The meeting with another possible minister went well. He was nice.
  • Made the return to jiu jitsu with the boys. Went 50% cause of my not-so-guaranz-yet jaw. Hope to get back full force again in 2009.
  • Went out with bruddah Dave folks to celebrate his going away party (to Hilo). Gonna miss dat boy.
  • Saw the gang at our combination Bridal/Groom shower. It was so nice to see errbody again!

I’m interested myself to see how close this will actually be. Haha!

K, man. Your turn yo! Share, share!


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