Bachelor Party Number 1 In Da Books!

On Friday night, the co-workers took me out for bachelor party number 1 (much love to Phat D for coordinating and the rest of the gang for helping to celebrate!). It was an interesting night to say the least, but we don’t have to go into much detail here right? Hehe!

Part of me was happy that so many co-workers took time out of their busy schedules to help me celebrate, but another part of me believes that I was just a small part of the equation. Perhaps an excuse to get outta the house for some long overdue debauchery? LOL! Either way, I was appreciative and had fun.

The one thing I took away from it was a feeling of everything becoming so real. As a wingman participant, your main focus is to make sure that the bachelor is having a ball. No thoughts, no pressure. Just have fun. When you’re actually the guest of honor, the perspective is so different.

Somebody once told me that it only starts to feel “real” when you send out your invitation cards. I think, at least for boys, it’s actually the bachelor party. Things are getting so close and once you’re hitched, that’s it. You’re done, son!

Thankfully, I’ve got several more parties to temporarily take my mind off of that “real” feeling. 😛

Talk to me!
* How was your/your friend’s bachelor party? What did you guys do?
* Didn’t it feel sooooooo “real” or was that just me?
* Do you go to others’ bachelor parties for yourself or the guest of honor? 😛
* How about you ladies? How was your/your friend’s bachelorette party? What did you girls do?
* Are you cool with your man going to bachelor parties?


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4 Responses to “Bachelor Party Number 1 In Da Books!”

  1. Dan Says:

    Gee didn’t even know you were getting married! Congrats and hope you had fun. I went to a bachelor party last week. I know it was fun cause I don’t remember much about that night. My bank card took a beating too!

  2. Web Nerd #3 Says:

    * How was your/your friend’s bachelor party?
    Was awesome. Now that I live on the mainland, the bestest thing was all the guys that got together and catching up.

    What did you guys do?
    We went to “Church”.

    * Didn’t it feel sooooooo “real” or was that just me?
    For me, it seemed like a gradual process. Going w/ Wifey to order the flowers made it feel a little bit real. Getting fitted made it feel a little bit real. All those things added up to the big day when i was like, “Ok, I’m ready to do this.”

    * Do you go to others’ bachelor parties for yourself or the guest of honor?
    Of course it just depends on how well you know the guy. If your friend is the guest of honor, you go for him.

    That said, I’ve been to a couple of them where I was a friend of the friend, so of course I was going just for fun.

  3. World Wide Ed Says:

    LOL! I know what you mean Dan. The memory tends to go. Haha!

  4. World Wide Ed Says:

    Web Nerd #3! LOL! Too funny. Gee, it can’t be me, and I know for sure it isn’t that “other” Chinese guy, so it’s gotsta be my fave Vegas buddy. Haha! Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for making me laugh with the name yo!

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