When You Know, You Know

Yesterday, we went to finalize our tuxedo style and colors. To my own surprise, I was uncharacteristically finicky about the colors and the overall presentation of the entire get-up. Men don’t usually care about this kinda stuff, but for some reason, I did.

The one for me was an easy one. White/Cream was the only color option (of course!), but the rest of the ensemble (style, patterns, etc.) was duck soup. As soon as I saw the one I wanted, I knew. The ones for the fellas and the papas posed a greater challenge. We were initially gonna have the boys in a pink-ish style to match the ladies, but the I wasn’t quite feeling the vest. After hours of deliberation (minutes actually), we decided to go grey/silver on um. The dark pink/mauve accent will come in the way of the handkerchief or a flower. Hours (minutes) more, and we decided on the papas’ color and style. Whew!

Our point person Elsie teased about my long decision making process, but said, “But when he knows, he knows.”

I thought to myself, that’s exactly how I felt about the lady when we first started dating.

Talk to me!
* What kine tuxedo style did you choose/will you choose?
* Are tails still in? Ha!
* Should I change my color to baby blue ala Dumb and Dumber?
* Want me to “man up” and stop getting mushy on you? Haha!

Happy Fun day Monday yo!


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