Fave Five Friday – Wedding Party Gift Ideas

OK, so this somewhat of a self-serving post, but what the h*ll, let’s give it a shot. 😛

We’re getting down to the wire for this whole wedding thang, and I’m trying hard to think of an awesomely unique gift idea for my boyz/groomsmen/wedding party. I’ve been on a few parties myself and got some cool gifts like shades, an engraved money clip, a high quality pen, etc., but I’m looking for that special somethin’-somethin’. The “it” that will leave a memorable mark forever…

I’ve got a few things in mind, but maybe you, my beautiful (but virtual) online friends can help a brutha out with some neat gift ideas. And hopefully, none of my boys will read this one. LOL! If ya gots any ideas for the lady and her party, feel free to post those below as well. The more help the merrier!

In no particular order, here are some I’ve received or heard of:

  1. Alcohol! (in one form or another)
  2. Sunglasses/Shades
  3. Watches
  4. Shoes (and then you wear it during the wedding)
  5. Custom engraved _______ (fill in the blank).

Please post your suggestions below. Can be your own ideas or ones you’ve received or heard of yourself. Helllllp! 🙂

P.S. Be sure to pick up tomorrow’s Honolulu Advertiser for the most amazing front page in history! Hehe, nah, they’ll be hyping my face and blog on the front page, so consider this your warning. Don’t want ya spilling hot coffee on yourself out of fear or amazement… one or the other. 😛 Oh yeah, and be sure to also check out this blog that same Saturday for an interesting topic on “Bag Ladies”…

Shoots! Have a good weekend y’all!


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2 Responses to “Fave Five Friday – Wedding Party Gift Ideas”

  1. mboohar Says:

    If you truly want it to be something that will bring good memories forever, then I suggest it needs to be something the recip can use forever.

    I’ve rec’d the engraved stuff — flask, lighter, pocketknife. Problem was the lighter busted after about a yr, and I’m too lazy to send it to the manufacturer for repair. Flask is nice, but how often do you really use one? Pocketknife is good, but I don’t usually carry a knife.

    A nice pen is a good gift — usually not something a guy is gonna spoil himself with, and it is an accessory you can use frequently.

    I’ve always thought a high-quality travel kit is something that every guy can use — again, not something you might otherwise spoil yourself with, but something that can last a lifetime and get lots of use. Maybe personalize it by sticking something inside — an autographed baseball for the former teammate; the engraved lighter for the cigar-smoker; maybe a nice flashlight or knife for the guy who goes diving a lot.

    There, Ed. Hope you let us know where you land on this one. You won’t get my nose out of jt if you discard the ideas…good luck!

  2. World Wide Ed Says:

    Awesome suggestions mboohar! Mahaloz!

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