Bye Bye Brady

As many of you probably already know, Tom Brady, the New England Patriots’ dreamy quarterback, is done for the year. In the first quarter of the first game of the year, he injured his knee (ACL/MCL) when Kansas City’s Bernard Pollard hit it from an odd angle as he was throwing. And don’t think I’m getting soft on you by using the word “dreamy.” Hehe. In addition to being a looker for the ladies out there (ladies, lemme hear ya…Heeeeey!), he’s also dreamy in the eyes of us manly men *grunt* because of the kind of fantasy numbers bruddah puts up.

In this year’s Fantasy draft, I was *THIS* close to picking him up in both leagues. Last seasons, he was a fantasy football manchild and to have a quarterback on your team of that caliber is, well, dreamy. Fortunately, Brian Westbrook fell to me in both drafts so I went for him instead. Thankfully so… So far, so good *knock on wood*

Talk to me!
* Fellas, post your favorite Tom Brady related Fantasy Football story, good or bad, OR…
* Fellas, post the injury to a player that affected you the most, fantasy or otherwise.
* Gals, do you think Tom Brady is a looker? Post your reasons below.
(see I don’t discriminate! ;P )
* Anyone out there ever have an ACL injury before? I’ve been lucky to escape that one all these years, but it sounds pretty wicked.

P.S. A moment of silence please for Reid-o and Alfredo Pasta who drafted Brady in the fantasy leagues I’m in. *evil grin* My team is soooo gonna get batchi now. 😛


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