Wedding Stamps

So yesterday I was assigned the task of picking up the femme-looking stamps from the Post Office. Our envelope was a bit heavier than the $0.42 standard, so I had to think on my feet and decide which $0.59 stamp (or combination) to get. A yellow heart, a sunflower or a picture of a ram. The guy in me wanted to go ram, but I made the smarter decision and went the safer route: yellow heart. *grin*

Did you fellas out thurr know that postage would cost so dang much!? WTH? Including the ones we needed for the insde, the grand total came out to $109.40. If it weren’t for the gas prices these days, I would’ve tried to save money by hand delivering every single invitation… and then waiting for the person to fill it out before leaving! Haha! OK, so I’m not that cheap, but seriously… over $100 just for postage? It’s a good thing we’re going Nu Skool and offering the option to email back their RSVP. This will save our guests gas money (to drive to the post office) and they can also use the stamp for something else.

One of my main goals is to try and do things different from what people are used to. Thinking outside the box as they say. I would list all the things we’ve done or will do, but I don’t want all y’all to be stealing the ideas before our big dance yo. Haha! We’ll save that for a future piece I guess.

Have a good weekend!


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One Response to “Wedding Stamps”

  1. Wedding Postage Says:

    Did you know that some people actually do hand deliver the invitations still? Your fiancee could have made you ride up to each house on horseback so you got off easy with a trip to the post office! Best wishes for the wedding.

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