Google Auto-Complete

Since I’m like, in the industry, and the title of this blog is “World Wide Ed” for Pete’s sake, I thought I’d post a computer/web related post for the first time in months/years. (Sorry, the Hawaii/food/travel related stuff is so much more fun! 😛 ).

Recently (or coincidentally after I cleared my browser cache for the first time in years *blush*), Google activated their Auto-Complete feature to the general public on search terms entered into the search box on It’s nuthin’ new. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts have been using tools like this to optimize their sites with relevant keywords. But it’s interesting to play with don’tcha think?

Try it yourself! Go to and enter any search term you desire. Suddenly it starts to sense what you’re typing and attempts to auto-complete your phrase, complete with how many sites/results there are out there based on that search string.

Naturally, I had fun with “hawaii” and took a screen cap of it. Check it out yo!

Google Auto-Complete for hawaii
Google Auto-Complete for “hawaii”

Talk to me!
* Is this helpful for you? Annoying?
* Isn’t Google just insane/amazing?
* Why aren’t you commenting sum’more! 😉


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6 Responses to “Google Auto-Complete”

  1. trouble Says:

    Auto complete may be great fun for some. But what about the rest of us that do not want it?
    I have set preferences a dozen times and it just keeps coming back unwanted and unneeded??
    Just a little more big brother attitude and Google will be history on this computer!!!!

  2. World Wide Ed Says:

    I actually don’t mind it because it’s not really basing it on anything I’m doing personally (as opposed to AdSense ads in my Gmail!). It’s based on the general public’s search patterns (supposedly) on an anonymous basis. We’ll see though… *sigh*

  3. Ted Kruzich Says:

    How would one disable Google Auto-Complete
    from an XP2000 system ??

    Could you provide a step by step procedure ??

    Thanks very much…


  4. World Wide Ed Says:

    Hi Ted,

    When you go to Google, you’ll see a link called Preferences next to the search box. Click on it and scroll down to the “Query Suggestions” section. Selecting “Do not provide query suggestions in the search box” and clicking on the “Save Preferences” button should do the trick. Good luck!

  5. Alana Says:

    What about auto-complete on an iPhone 3g? Google wants to fill in your search terms, but if you hit the space bar it automatically thinks you want the word they suggest. It is an extra ‘touch’ or keystroke to cancel the suggestion. I’d rather there just not be a suggestion! Is there any way to get rid of this on the iPhone? I can’t seem to find it in the general settings or the Safari settings.

  6. World Wide Ed Says:

    Sorry Alana, iPhone’s are not compatible with my carrier, so I don’t have any experience with it. Hope you were able to get your answer…

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