Fantasy Football Draft Results

So we’re 4 picks away from completing our Fantasy Football Draft for this year.


There are 10 of us and it’s taking painfully loooong.

Since we couldn’t find a good time when all of us could meet up for a live, draft party, we decided to do the ol’ standy, the convenient method of drafting electronically. This year’s product of choice: a spreadsheet in Google Docs (where you can trash talk/chat right in the spreadsheet window… priceless!). Trouble is, many of us work or have a life on the weekends, so you end up getting lost in the draft process. The call or text message from the person drafting before you inevitably comes, and is followed by a “Wait what? What happened? Who got picked after me?”

This rigamarole repeats itself 18 times until the completion of the draft.

After my last pick, there was a defensive run in the 13th and 14th rounds: Brian Urlacher, David Harris, DeMeco Ryans, Kerry Rhodes, Jon Beason, Gibril Wilson, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Bob Sanders, and Kirk Morrison. I’ve always been a defense shmefense kinda guy once the top tier dudes are gone, so I went Warrick Dunn.

Stop laughing.

I figgah since my last 4 picks will be D, D, D, K (as it is every year), I might as well fill my last bench spot with a make or break type. Dunn’s back in Tampa Bay where he was a quality fantasy back, so perhaps something magical (or miraculous) will happen? 😛

Here’s a breakdown of how my 2008 draft turned out so far. Gimme some feedback on my team. Be honest. Lemme have it. I can take it. I’m a man. But I won’t mind compliments either. Holla atcho boy!

(In a QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex, Flex, Flex, TE, K, DEF, D, DB scenario)

Donovan McNabb
Marc Bulger

Brian Westbrook
Larry Johnson
Jonathan Stewart
Ronnie Brown
Ahmad Bradshaw
Warrick Dunn

Andre Johnson
Torry Holt
Brandon Marshall
Bryant Johnson
Derrick Mason

Tony Gonzalez





P.S. I wouldn’t mind your choices for sleepers this year either… 🙂


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4 Responses to “Fantasy Football Draft Results”

  1. soogs Says:

    solid rb’s dude! and your wr’s are not too shabby either. if your qb’s can stay healthy, you got a good draft. depends, however on your leagues point breakdown(if its ppr, then you got it made!) but from the looks of it, i’d say you done good. good luck with yo team!

  2. World Wide Ed Says:

    Hehe, thanks soogs! Yeah, I feel decently happy with the results, but it all depends on how my “reaches” pan out. With my history though, every single one of my players will suffer season ending injuries. I’ve got the reverse of the Midas Touch. *sigh* Take it easy…

  3. dsosa Says:

    sleepers –

    rb – chris johnson, titans / ray rice, ravens

    wr – kevin walter, texans / rashied davis, bears

    te – lj smith, eagles

  4. World Wide Ed Says:

    Nice picks for sleepers dsosa! Davis and Smith are still floating around out there. We’re down to our last pick, but perhaps a couple of in-season pick ups? 🙂

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