Spanish Basketball Team Picture – Racist?

So my friend just forwarded me this article: Spanish basketball team poses for offensive picture, which shows the Spanish Basketball Team posing for a team picture, while slanting their eyes with their hands. I’m still baffled by it and trying to figure out why they would do such a thing. Personally, I’m pretty offended, but I wanted to send a feeler out there and see what you all out there thought of it as well. Post your comments below…


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5 Responses to “Spanish Basketball Team Picture – Racist?”

  1. rikdaddy Says:

    here’s my thoughts about this. disagree if you like. it doesn’t make a difference to me.

  2. World Wide Ed Says:

    Thanks for the link rikdaddy!

  3. rikdaddy Says:

    no problem, man. keep up the good work on your blog posts.


  4. Carolina Says:

    this is not a racist photo is just HUMOR Spaniards do not like killing people in Vietnam or Irak. We are not racist, if someone laugh about if we are hairy we would not mind.It´s just a joke. and why is racist? do you think is a bad thing having the eyes like that? do you think is it an insult? because we do not think so

  5. World Wide Ed Says:

    Don’t be ridiculous/ignorant Carolina!

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