Let’s Talk Hair

Continuing the trend of learning a little too much about me (why stop now right? 😛 ), let’s talk about the mystery of hair. As we get older, we lose it where we’re supposed to have it and we gain it where it’s not supposed to be. Anybody every wonder why this is?

Thankfully, *knocking on wood* I’m still good up top. The dome is still vibrantly growing. But many peers my age and even those many years younger, are losing their blessed locks. Receding, bald spot in the back, and general thinning all ova. Is it hereditary? Is it diet? A lil’ bit o’ both? Something else? Any doctors out there? Holla atcho boy!

I’ve heard many theories, but the one I believe (somewhat) the most is the one that says it skips every other generation on yo momma’s side. You’re supposed to check back at mother dearest’s papa and if he’s healthy up top, then you’re all good in tha hood. Eating non-greasy foods and staying away from hats probably doesn’t hurt either.

But what about other theories? Type of shampoo you use? Staying out of the sun? Stress? Post what you’ve heard below so the pre-balding men of this blog can save themselves from damnation. 😉

Tomorrow’s Quality Topic: Nose Hair


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