Fave Five Friday – Hawaii Radio Stations

I thought this might be a fun lil’ addition to this here blog. Let’s do a mini poll of sorts, and see what you peeps’ fave five of just about anything is. I’ll start. Today’s five: Hawaii Radio Stations. (which usually equates to the 5 or 6 buttons on your car stereo eh?) Well, at least it is fo’ me. Hurr we go!

  • 104.3 FMPower 104.3 (also on Oceanic Digital Channel 0858)
  • 102.7 FM102.7 Da Bomb (also also on Oceanic Digital Channel 0854)
  • 93.9 FMHot 93-9 (also also on Oceanic Digital Channel 0868)
  • 100.3 FMKCCN FM100 (also also on Oceanic Digital Channel 0852)
  • 98.5 FM Island 98.5 (also also on Oceanic Digital Channel 0851)
  • 93.1 FM 93.1 The Zone (also also on Oceanic Digital Channel 0851)

These aren’t necessarily in the 1-5 order for me. Just gots it that way (grouped and numeric) so it’s easier to channel surf. Situational faves are: Hot 93-9 in the morning, 92.3 (KSSK) for traffic updates, 96.3 (Krater 96) during the 2 Million Dollar Money Mix periods 😉 , and AM1420 (ESPN1420) during sporting events (esp after UH basketball games).

Shoots! Have a good weekend y’all!

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