Office Cake

To go along with yesterday’s theme of getting old… yesterday we had a wedding shower for “eHarmony” (name changed to protect the innocent šŸ˜› ), who is getting hitched in a couple of weeks. (Congrats eHarmony!)


We had the usual eats, games and gift giving/opening action, but we also shared a congratulatory cake.

Eek. (a mouse)

Again, back in the day, this Ed the Tank could down 5 cakes without taking a breath. Now, 1 tasty spoonful would go straight to my gut and make me ask, “Does this Aloha Shirt make me look fat?” Of course, the answer for anyone I’m asking this too should be, “No, Ed you’re already so so Phat!” OK, bad joke, but anyway, do y’all feel me?

Kiss my abs g'bye!
Kiss my abs g’bye!

As we get older, that dreaded metabolism supposedly catches up with you and you can’t enjoy eating cakes, drinking beer, you know, the finer things in life?

Thankfully, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, am pretty active, and have a pretty good gene pool (much love moms and pops!), so my metabolism is still pretty good, but I know one day, if I don’t watch myself, I’m gonna be rubbing my belly for good luck, big buddha style.

Yikes! (a mouse?)

Talk to me:
* At what age did your body start changing?
* What’s your biggest challenge to keep the weight off?
* Does this Aloha Shirt make me look fat?

Have a great (and safe) 4th of July weeekend errbody! See y’all on Monday!


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