What Happened to Kimbo!?

On Saturday, I, oh, only spoke of the biggest night in Mixed Martial Arts history, when MMA finally went prime time to the masses on network television. Problem was, I had a previous engagement (benefit dinner). D’oh! So I set my trusty DVR to record the blessed event, and even recorded half an hour of the news that followed in case it went long. That’s an extra half an hour of buffer zone yo!

At the dinner, I frantically looked up the results of the fights on my phone and read that there was some controversy in the Slice/Thompson fight. I salivated even more at the fact of coming home to watch it with my own two eyes. So I get home and study my Real Estate book for a couple chapters (highly recommend Abe Lee Seminars by the way) and decide to reward myself with the fight. I “Skip to end” and rewind.


They’re still on the Lawler/Smith fight. I’ll watch that later. So I fire up the 1/2 of buffer recording and start to get upset. Knowing it went three rounds, the meter on my bar was quickly approaching the end by the time the first round started.


It got cut off! I couldn’t even watch the most anticipated fight on this historic MMA card. Double D’oh! I’ve since frantically searched all channels at all times for a re-airing, but didn’t find anything. If anyone wants to invite me to their house to re-watch it, let me know. LOL! I can’t believe I missed it. I wanted to see the controversial tap dammit.

What was even more amusing was how outspoken UFC President Dana White talked smack on ESPN about his rival organization, saying “What happened on CBS was horrendous.” Check it out.

Talk to me:
* Are you a Kimbo fan? Do you think he needs to be tested more on the ground and deeper into the rounds (cardio) to legitimize his game?
* Do you think EliteXC is using Kimbo strictly as a marketing tool? Shouldn’t they put him up against good comp soon already?
* Is Brett Rogers hating’ (jealous of Kimbo’s coverage) or does he have a point?
* What do you think of Dana White? Love ’em? Hate ’em?
* How ’bout that Faber vs. Pulver fight eh? I gots new found respect for Pulver man!


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