The Hills – Season 3 Finale

So as I was helping my sis set up her computer at her crib last night, I could hear the sounds (without even looking) of the season finale of the Hills (Season 3) in the background as she flipped the channels.

I never thought it would get to this point.

One day after telling you how NOT soft I am and that I never cry, my ears now perk up when I hear the sounds of Lauren’s raspy voice trade blows with Lo’s high school giggle.

How did we get here? Well, besides MTV’s second-to-none editing of the show (making things more dramatic than they actually are), I’ve been “forced” to sit and watch it with the lady, since it’s one of her favorite shows. I guess I owe it to her for all the hours of “The Ultimate Fighter” and “Art Mann Presents” I make her watch. *grin*

Sis changed the channel so I unfortunately didn’t get to hear the show, but in the back of my mind, I was happy that, back at home, my beloved DVR was recording every juicy second.

Now remember, fellas out there in my situation, our alibi when anyone asks is to ABL: always blame the lady. Make comments like “She makes me watch it,” or “It’s my way of spending quality time with my woman,” (awww) or “I was just channel surfing and it happen to be on,” or “Dude, what’s wrong with you? I watch it for the chicks!”

Ah, one of life’s guilty pleasures I guess…

Talk to me:

  • No tell me what happened cause I nevah watch um yet, but what are some of your (tv) guilty pleasures?
  • What do you think of MTV’s absurd editing? Do you care that some scenes seem rather staged?
  • How do you and your other like to spend your tv watching hours?

P.S. No fo-get: Gina Carano on E:60 this afternoon, The Ultimate Fighter tomorrow, Inside MMA, IFL and X-1 Legends on Friday, and Hawaii’s own BJ Penn headlining next week Saturday’s UFC 84. See complete MMA (Hawaii) TV schedule for May.

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