Supersize Me

I’ve been sitting here with a blank look on my face for about 10 minutes now. There’s a lot of pressure to come up with that ever-so captivating topic for my first, “real” post. This is THE post that what will set the tone for what will be the greatest blog of all time. *cue evil organ music* Muhahaha! Ok, so I’m getting WAAAAY ahead of myself, but I hope you can empathize with the angst I face.

I thought about covering the MMA scene to start, but I’m really not sure how many fans of blood are out there yet (or ever?). Then, I thought about delving into the world of reality shows. What better way to start than to use the words Flavor Flaaaaaaav and Justinbobby in the same sentence right?

Instead of stressing myself out thinking about what will work best in the world of the yet unknown, I decided to start personal and feel all y’all out. From there, I can hopefully gauge what the interests are and write accordingly. In reading some of the other posts, I noticed that polls or open ended question-type posts worked pretty well, so let’s go with that shall we?

[start of real blog (in case you don’t want to waste your time with the above šŸ˜› )]

So recently, our company completed a weight loss challenge. The winning team lost a whoppin’ 12.95% in body percentage, with one guy losing like 70 pounds. Good lord! Our team, on the other hand, didn’t do so hot (6.66%), but I was miraculously able to gut out 21 pounds. OK, so my weigh-in weight was an inflated amount, thanks to burgers and shakes the week before, but still, for dis skinny dude, 21 big ones ain’t bad right?

I wanted to lose as much as I could during the contest, but in the back of my mind, I knew that once it was over, your boy was gonna pig out and get back to normal. Sounds easy enough right? I guess I didn’t count on one thing. My metabolism is not cooperating with me.

Damn you metabolism!

The first 5 pounds were cake to gain back (no pun intended). It’s the next 5-7 pounds (where I probably should be at) that is giving me a heckuva time. While most plateau going down in weight, bruddah ova here is stuck going back up. What to do, what to do.

So my question to you cyber-peeps out there is how do you like to pound? I’m particularly interested in food that makes you go ughhhh! (2 bonus points for those of you who caught that C&C Music Factory reference)

I need to gain my weight (and sanity) back, and would like your best Kanak Attack tips on how to do so. Fatten me up folks, puhleeeeaz. šŸ˜›

Tonight’s Reality Show Lineup set to record on my DVR:

  • American Idol (Top 5 Elimination Show: One of the five finalists is voted off; Neil Diamond and Natasha Bedingfield perform) – 8PM-9PM on KHON2
    – I’m picking Jason Castro to leave us tonight. You?
  • The Ultimate Fighter (Jeremy May’s behavior rubs his fellow fighters the wrong way, putting him in the cross hairs as a potential opponent for Team Forrest; a controversial result causes one coach to unleash his fury.) – 7PM-8PM on SpikeTV
    – Rampage goes on a rampage. I can’ t wait to see it!
  • E:60 7PM-8PM on ESPN2
    – No program info yet, but we shall see…

Lastly, no fo-get to give me some feedback on what you want me to talk about, yo!


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