As I was wrapping up things here in my cubicle, ready to check out, I got the message that forever changed my life. Well, my day at least. It has been confirmed that I will indeed be one of the featured bloggers for you Honolulu Advertiser readers. Wow, what an honor. I just hope I can hold up my end of the bargain. (Thankfully, if I run into some trouble and get a mean case of writer’s block, I can always yell over this felt-y wall to fellow employee and established Advertiser blogger Dave Vinton for his words of wisdom. Much love Dave!) 🙂

So without further ado, I guess I’ll commence with my obligatory welcome message to y’all.

As my bio snippet says, I’m a 30*cough* year old who will randomly babble about just about anything. My interests include sports (mostly MMA, baseball, basketball, and football), nonsense reality shows, web “shtuff,” and anything and everything Hawaii (food, music, places, etc.), so you can bet your bum that I will indeed be babbling about these quality topics going forward. Flavor of Love, Kimbo Slice, Jose Canseco… Quality, I know you just can’t wait for!

Side Note: The editor wants my posts to be testosterone laden, so I will try my best to make them as hairy and as sweaty as possible. Stay tuned a-ight?



3 Responses to “Aloooooha!”

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