Shooting for Gas!

I swear… something with me and double dates is good luck. Not the kind of double date you’re probably thinking of though… I’m talking when the month and the day has the same number… You know like 01/01 or 02/02, etc. Let’s see… I was born on 06/06. I signed the papers for my first house on 10/10. The hefty check I got for flipping that house was delivered on 11/11. I signed the papers for my second house on 2/22. It’s odd, but funny.

Tonight was no different. Went to the UH Men’s Basketball game, like I have been all season. The Warriors took on the Broncos of Boise State for what was Riley Wallace’s last home game as head coach. At every game, Chevron has a Free Throws for Gas promotion at the 12 minute-left-in-the-game mark (timeout). The contestant gets 30 seconds to shoot as many times as he/she wants from the free throw line. For each made free throw (maximum of 5), they would win $5 for himself/herself as well as their entire row! All season long, most of them would shoot airballs or barely make 1 or 2 in the given time limit. In fact, I think there was only one person who was able to make 5 within the 30 second time limit. I would (silently) talk trash to them and tell myself that if _I_ ever did that, it would be a cake walk.

Well, my time came.

They called me down and said that my name was pulled to participate in that contest. I was like WTF? because I didn’t sign up for it. Then I realized that I must’ve put my name in the wrong box when trying to sign up for the good seats promo. After some convincing, I finally went down to the tunnel to wait for the 12 minute mark. I swear that was the longest 10 or so minutes of my life! I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the larger than normal (here for Riley) crowd and how much I’d embarrass myself if I didn’t make any shots. Luckily, there was a ball there so I was able to dribble and do some mock shooting strokes to take my mind off of what was in store. AND… UH was thankfully leading by a comfortable margin so I probably wouldn’t be facing a hostile crowd.

And then it was showtime…

Feeling like nobody gave a damn in the world, I walked out onto the silent court in not the most ideal basketball attire (long pants and slippers). I saw big sis and niecey and made sure to send them some love. I could see sis double over in laughter as she realized what was going on. Then, through the blur, I heard emcee Billy V announce something about my row. So I looked up at them and they were all smiling, waving and cheering. I’d like to think that it was because they were genuinely rooting for me to do well, but we all know that it’s because they wanted $25 of free gas too! LOL! Nah! Much love for the support though row 9! We did it! 🙂

Anyway, back to the story… So as I was there waving to everyone and soaking up my 15 seconds of fame, I heard Billy V’s blurred voice become clear and say something about 30 seconds on the clock, so I scurried to the free throw line to get ready.

  • First shot… Good! *crowd goes oh*
  • Second shot… Good! *crowd goes ohhh a little louder*
  • Third shot… Good! *crowd goes ohhhhhh even louder*
  • Fourth shot… Good! *crowd goes ohhhhhhhhh even louder*
  • Fifth shot… Good! *crowd goes crazy*

I did it! Something, I was told, nobody’s ever done before! I made my first 5 in a row. My adrenaline was going crazy! Even after I got back to my seat, giving high-fives along the way, I couldn’t calm down for at least 10 minutes! My hand was even shaking drinking my complimentary beer (Thanks Matt!).

In hidsight I probably should’ve lived it up a little more… maybe even risk getting arrested by running to Riley for a high-five (LOL!), but I was just so scared/nervous/riled up that after the 5th shot, I just walked right off the court. All in all, it was a fun time, and the main thing is that UH won 92-75…

Oh, by the way, this was on Saturday, March 3rd, 2007… Yep, 03/03…

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