OK, so who’s coming with me to Vegas on July 8th!?!? The lineup for UFC 61 is crazy so far! Coaches for The Ultimate Fighter – Season 3, Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock, who, oh by the way totally hate each other, are meeting again. And, if that wasn’t enough, Andrei Arlovski is getting his rematch against Tim Sylvia! Good Lord! That’s like two main events in one! Even the undercards are good so far, with Frank Mir (facing Dan Christison) and one of my sleeper favorites Josh Burkman (taking on Josh Neer).

And, since I didn’t bore you non-MMA fight fans enough, here’s more. I was reading INC. Magazine last night and saw an article in there about this guy Gareb Shamus (of Wizard comic book magazine fame) who is starting up an MMA league called IFL (The International Fight League). Much like the NFL or other major sports leagues, he hopes to take MMA to the next level with teams and schedules and merchandising of the fighters. Sounds interesting. I’m particularly interested to see if it goes the way of XFL or a future NFL. Also, how will the UFC or Pride or other organizations respond? They’ve already got key players in the industry participating. Read the online version here.

So who’s coming??? OK, so if nobody wants to go, who’s ordering it on PPV and hosting the party? *grin* Is this the most nonsense blog you’ve ever read? Sheez! Peace out!

UFC 61 at Skybox
Photo Gallery

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