You Heard It Here First!

Mavs All The Way Baby!

I don’t mean to brag, but you can call me Nostradamus if you want. Much like the 6th sense I felt with Boston at the beginning of the 2004 MLB season (and enduring the laughs I got when I picked Detroit over the Lakers two years ago too), I’ve been getting that same tingly sensation for MY Dallas Mavericks this season.With a 3-1 game lead over the defending champion Spurs, the Mavs are sitting pretty to head to the Western Conference Finals against Phoenix or the Clips and then move on to win the championships. Phoenix will beat LAC, New Jersey will beat the Heat and the Pistons will take care of Cleveland. Then, the Mavs will meet Detroit and beat them in the Finals. Any questions?

I’ll look very lame if none of this nonsense comes to fruition eh? Hehe!

In other news, I’ve been getting kinda restless at work and in Hawaii in general. Cabin fever I guess. If anybody reading this is from Google or any other high-tech sector, holla atcho boy!

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