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OK so I think I have to start thinking about getting into the new car market. Don’t get me wrong… the current beaut is doing just fine, but I think as I mature, I need a ride that will match my place in the business world (can’t be one of dem old men forever hanging on to their teeny bopper cars…) Going to the latest car show with the gang recently didn’t help either. I started to drool at cars I’ve always been interested in, as well as at some new gems. I think I’ve narrowed it down to three choices. Help a brutha decide won’tcha?

Lexus RX 400h
Lexus RX 400h

I’ve always liked the RX since they launched with their 300 model. Not only is it an SUV (one of my prerequisites), but it’s a Lexus. And for being a Lexus, it was pretty affordable back then. Now, with the release of the 330, the price got a hefty boost and even more so for the Hybrid 400h. I still really do want this car, but I’m not sure if it’s so wise to spend that much on a car. And though I’m also getting it because it’s environment friendly, I read in Consumer Reports that you don’t really make up your money in mileage for the additional amount you pay to get the 400h (over the 330).


Another concern is that it’s a first generation Hybrid from the peeps at Lexus. Should I wait until at least the second generation when they iron out all the kinks?

Toyota FJ Cruiser
Toyota FJ Cruiser

Now this car is totally me. Funky, different, kewl. As Kelv says, “It’s soooo you!” Haha! I’ve always had a thing for things that were different and unique. I liked the El Camino, Isuzu Amigo (remember that ugly thing?), the 2-door RAV4, the Beetle, etc., and now this. One day, I’d like to buy one of them dirty, old open top Jeep 4x4s and fix it up to drive to the beach every day. Dope! I checked out this gem at the car show and was in love. It’s easily in my price range, but will I really be making an upgrade in business image with the FJ Cruiser? It’s cool, but it’s no Lexus. Also, the gas mileage was pretty horrible.

Me with the FJ Cruiser (Thanks Hills!). I didn't even care about the presentation going on... Hehe!
Me with the FJ Cruiser (Thanks Hills!). I didn't even care about the presentation going on... Hehe!
Me with the FJ Cruiser (Thanks Hills!). I didn’t even care about the presentation going on… Hehe!

Mercedes-Benz ML350
Mercedes-Benz ML350

Ahh, the cream of the crop. When you say Mercedes-Benz, you just ooze luxury. I just remember the ugly, flat back model of the M series, so at the show I didn’t even think about it. I actually caught the new 350 model at the shopping center the other day. Sweet! Now, it’s a part of my pool for decision making. What do you think ah?

Yeah, I know there are probably a lot of grammatical errors, but I’m too lazy to go back and correct them a-ight? Sue me. Latahz!


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