Baseball Rules!

So, some of you probably already know this but if not, I just had to tell each and every one of you that the sport of baseball is the greatest thing on this here earth. It was the first sport I ever played. The first sport I ever watched as a youngster (remember them Hawaii Islanders at Aloha Stadium and Atlanta Braves on TBS?). The first sport I ever loved.

It’s a true team sport. There’s no one guy that can dominate a game. Anyone can make an individual impact in basketball, hockey and even football to a certain degree, but baseball calls for each player to trust and and have faith and depend on one another to have team success. The Yankees crack me up with their ridiculous payroll and lack of recent championships. I root against them every year just because of that. I just love it when a team with a smaller market wins because of the love of the game, not money.

It’s the only sport that I get really excited to watch, especially live. I have a few dreams/goals when it comes to baseball. I’d like to one day watch a Red Sox game from the bleachers in the Green Monster at Fenway Park. I’d also like to visit Cooperstown (Hall of Fame). Going to a game at the hallowed Yankee Stadium would be cool too, just because of the history of that joint (Babe Ruth played there for pete’s sake!). Playing for a professional team used to be a dream of mine too, but I’ve come to grips with that one already. I’m too old now. Hehe!

Recently, the motherland of Japan won the World Baseball Classic over Cuba (or as they like to say “Cuwa”… don’t ask me why). I was not only excited that Japan won, but in the fashion that they won. They fought and fought and fought and then made a statement and dominated. Nobody gave them any credit. They were too small, they were too weak, they can’t compete with the power of the US or Dominican Republic team. Pshaw! Baseball is HUGE in Japan! Hopefully the world will start to see just a glimpse of what kind of great athletes they (we?) have. Don’t make me mention sumo!

I called my dad after the game and asked him if he cried. He laughed and admitted that he did. I was laughing but touched at the same time. I hope I’ll be able to make him that proud one day…


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