Joining the iPod Bandwagon

So a couple of weeks ago, my buster bought me the top of the line, 60 gigger Video iPod as an early Christmas present. She wanted to give it to me early so that I could use it on our trips to Vegas and Colorado. I’m usually a gadget kinda guy, but have held out from buying it all this time because I never thought I would need such a thing. Outside of traveling, when else would I use it? Well, by golly, I do! Since I have a lot of vacation days left that I have to burn this month, I’ve been spending a lot of time familiarizing myself with the ins and outs of this beaut. Love it! I’ve been able to encode and load Dave Chappelle’s For What it’s Worth and like 75 percent of my MP3 library. Illegal as it is, I’ve been listening to Dane Cook through the headset in my car. I can’t help myself. Bruddah is hilarious! No worries, I’ll make the streets a safer place when I start using the radio frequency/transmitter thingie to play the tunes through my car stereo, but until then watch out!

Anyway, in other news, I’ll be closing on my property today, so I should be getting a nice, little pretty penny for myself from that investment. YUM! Just in time to spend on a present to myself: a brand spankin’ new Burton snowboard! Snowslopes hurr we come! I can’t wait!!!

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