New Phone!

My New Motorola e815 PhoneI made two years since first getting my cell phone from the VZ, so I was up for a $100 credit towards a new phone. Last night, we checked out the Kapiolani store to see if they had any scrumptious phones for me to gobble up. I wasn’t planning on getting anything… I just wanted to check out what they had to offer. Well, it turned out that I really liked this one gem from Motorola and I ended up getting it, just like that.

It’s got your usual, standard features like a camera and flip action, but I REALLY liked the extra large screens (external and internal) and, simply, the way it felt in my hands. The buttons are so big, but it was perfect for my unusually large hand and fingers. Hehe! And let’s not forget mp3, Bluetooth, Mobile Web and VCast enabled! Woo hoo! Wireless Music, Email, Web and Streaming Video on the go!

Anyway, the phone is the Motorola e815. I’m still reading up on it on HowardForums, but so far, I looooooove it and it seems like everyone on the boards do too! I’ll probably end up not getting much work done today and play with it all day long. The phone, pervert! Well, thanks for letting me waste your time. Peace out!

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