I don’t even know why I post anymore. Y’all should already know that every week, I’ll lose yet another player or two for rest of the year, making my already ravagED lineup, even more paper thin. So this week, I lost Daunte Culpepper for the year, making my hurt QB hit count to like 6 or something ridiculous like that. A warning to Brad Johnson and Gus Frerotte: Your season may end in week 9!!! It’s the curse of Ed’s lineup!

So My Updated Frankenstein linrup is:
QB B. Johnson (replaces injured Boller/Warner/Culpepper)
QB G. Frerotte (replaces injured Bulger/Volek/Dorsey)
WR A. Chatman (replaces traded TO)
WR J. Horn (returning from injured hammy)
RB C. Portis (replaces injured Deuce)
RB F. Taylor (returning from injured ankle)
TE J. Wiggins (replaces injured Bubba and waived Troupe)
W/R A. Bryant (replaces injured Ahman)
W/R M. Moore (replaces traded Stephen Davis)
W/R A. Smith (waiver because of stupid Deuce)
BN V. Testaverde (insurance policy for next QB to go down)
BN M. Shipp (waiver)
BN T. Henry (returning from suspension)
BN C. Perry (waiver)
BN M. Bulger (injured, hopefully for just one more week)
BN M. Robinson (waiver)
BN C. Rogers (waiver)
K –empty– (I can’t even afford to start a kicker)
DEF Tampa Bay
D B. Urlacher
DB –empty– (injuries to Madieu/Ed Reed/Kiel)


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