Ganbatte Grams (Updated)!

—Updated from previous post (February 01, 2005)—

So I just got word that grams may be coming here instead!!! Woo hoo! I’m so excited!!! I was just about done with my plans of flying up there next week (gotta love them buddy passes), when unc and aunty suggested that grams come here (when my aunty and her parents come for vacation for a few days). She’ll then stay back to relax and rehabilitate some more with us. Yay! Now, instead of a rushed feeling of a few days of vacation in Japan, I’ll have all the time in the world to take care of her until she’s back to 100 percent. Hopefully, the clean air and great weather of paradise every day will make it even easier for her to heal…

This works out a little better for me too because work has been kickin’ my butt lately. We’re scheduled for a May 10th migration of our web site and time is a tickin’! It won’t help much that I’ll be going on two trips next month (one personal to Kauai & one for business to Orlando, Florida). Late May was supposed to be another trip (Japan/Korea), but with grams coming, I gotta pass on that one gang… Sorry! I’ll go later this year if you like though… I will definitely try to do the traditional Memorial Day Weekend Camp thang at Erdman for shizzle. Maybe I’ll bring grams along too. Ha ha! Nah!

OK, now that I’ve talked way too much about my personal affairs, I’ll save you the grief and end it hurr. G’nightchall!

Live life to its fullest. YOLO!

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