(Trying to centralize everything here… This post was original made at MySpace, hence the reason why it doesn’t really match the theme of this blog, but oh well… enjoy!)

Shari and I had an interesting conversation about the friends space earlier tonight and it got me thinking… I’m at 218 right now and I’m like how the heck did it get to that point? I don’t ever add people I don’t know nor do I accept requests from random people. OK, well, perhaps I should add a little caveat to that statement. I do have “friends” who are groups (UH, Asian Connection, Mai Tai’s, etc.), things that interest me (bands, tv shows, etc.), whom I may or may not know personally, but who doesn’t? Oh yeah, and I’ve made a few friends over the years through this wonderful world we call the Internet, but I think we can count those too… especially you nice ones! 🙂

I guess living in Hawaii helps too. Everybody knows everybody and at some point, you’ll know/meet someone through someone else you know.

So what’s the point of this post? I guess I’m asking what constitutes a “friend” up in hurr. I want to go to town on my list, but am wondering where I should draw the line? There are some whom I’ve met once or twice in real life through friends (and may never see again). Do they count? And then there are others whom I’ve met here a while back, but don’t converse with very often these days. Do they still count? Should I remove the groups and bands and such on my list that I don’t know personally? I guess I’m trying to create an environment of quality instead of quantity here. Having a high friends’ list count is just not that important to me…

I guess I just wanna surround myself with good quality peeps these days. Wanna be my friend? Hehe!

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