About Me

(Trying to centralize everything here… This blog was original posted at MySpace, hence the reason why it doesn’t really match the theme of this site, but oh well… enjoy!)

Hmm… it’s hard to do this without feeling like you’re boasting a bit don’tyathink? Anyway, here’s my feeble attempt at trying to describe some of what drives me and makes me who I am: Passionate, Ambitious, Honest, Loyal, Friendly, Open-Minded, Optimistic, Dependable, Considerate, Mindful of others’ feelings, Respectful, Humble, Appreciative, Confident (yet not cocky), Kind (but not weak), Spontaneous (yet not reckless). I’m almost always happy and in a good, silly/fun mood and rarely ever curse (except in traffic! Ha ha!). Family always comes first for me and they know I will do anything for them. Friends define a person and I am lucky and thankful to have the ones I have. To the one I love, I am always faithful, affectionate, chivalrous, caring, understanding, patient and giving. Some people tell me too much so, but I never believed that there is such a thing if you really, truly love someone. I’ve loved and been loved, hurt and been hurt, but through it all I always view it as life lessons that only make me stronger and smarter than I was before.

I like to surround myself with positive peeps and don’t care for negativity from close-minded, judgmental individuals. I also keep my distance from arrogant/conceited peeps or people who choose to bring themselves down by doing unproductive, detrimental things. I’m all about positivity and doing good for yourself and those close to you. I am a man of my word… a man of action. If I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I can’t stand when people are flaky and not dependable. I have an awesome family and a core group of friends who are second to none and am always grateful for everything I’ve ever been blessed with… I don’t ever take anything for granted. In addition to striving to be a top-notch success in the work world, I also strive to be the best dad, husband and family man in the home world someday as well. Hope that wasn’t too much of an overshare for y’all. Yeah, and you fellas (if you even got this far) can stop barfing now… Ya b@stids! *grin*

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