GTE Wireless Rolls Out New Choice Plans

As of January 31st, GTE Wireless Hawaii initiated a rate and service plan difficult to ignore. Known as the Choice Plans, this national campaign is designed to offer added value to the customer on the move.

In an effort to appeal to the needs of today’s wireless customer’s needs, as well as give competition a stiff “Hello”, this new plan offers what has long been coveted by both customers and competition alike: flat-rate, State and regional coverage.

“We are very excited because we will be the first carrier here to let customers use their phones around the State with no additional roaming charges,” expresses Kerry Lum, GTE Wireless Hawaii’s Vice President of Marketing.

According to Lum, this has long been on the customer’s request list in the wireless industry and it took somebody like GTE to be able to offer this type of coverage.

There are two Choice Plans that are going to be difficult to overlook over the next few months: HomeChoice and AmericaChoice. Both combine flat pricing with exceptional coverage, things that the wireless customer likes to hear most.

The goal of AmericaChoice is to minimize confusion and maximize the customer’s ability to utilize his/her phone while traveling around the Country. This plan is especially beneficial for the traveling individual, whom like most, does not want to and worry about recalculating his/her wireless bill every time the phone rings. Basically, the plans lets you call from anywhere in the United States to anywhere in the United States with no additional roaming charges.

Some calling features that you can look forward to seeing bundled with AmericaChoice are Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, and Voice Mail with Digital messaging (where available).

There is what is known as HomeChoice, the plan let’s you use GTE’s wireless services from island to island. Similar to AmericaChoice, HomeChoice incurs no roaming charges when placing calls from within the plan’s coverage area. In the case of HomeChoice, the coverage area is within the State. This means that you will be able to call Aunty Leilani in Maui at your regular wireless costs. Now, the only thing that should separate you from keeping in touch with your loved ones is Laryngitis.

“Locally, we are very excited about HomeChoice,” says Lum. “This inter-island piece is for everybody.”

Besides having the capabilities of traveling around the State and enjoying the peace of mind of “roamless” charges, you can also look forward to upgrading to other Choice packages that covers larger regional areas of the continental U.S.

“These changes were prompted by customer demand,” notes Lum.

GTE Wireless’ customers have long voiced their opinion to have flat rates to simplify billing and ease the pocketbook. With these new Choice Plans, it looks as though the customers will get their wishes answered, leaving the competition saying “Hello?”


GTE Wireless provides wireless voice, paging and data telecommunications services to more than 4.8 million customers in 17 states and is part of one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. You can find out more about GTE, GTE Wireless and the Choice Plans on their World Wide Web Site at


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