Oceanic Internet – Road Runner Business Solutions launch at Computer Expo ’98

For more than a year now, Oceanic Internet has been providing high-speed, residential Internet access via their ever-popular cable modem service called Road Runner. And, throughout that year, Oceanic Internet made huge strides in the way we use and think about the Internet.

They have not only offered (and continue to offer) such standard services as Email, Home Page Service and Newsgroup access, but they also offer what nobody else can: a high speed, high bandwidth connection to the Internet. With this considerable advantage, they are able to utilize the speed and power of Road Runner by offering unique local content like streaming local news video clips and Music Choice audio stations, a TUCOWS shareware software downloading mirror site, and much, much more.

This year, Road Runner content is getting a facelift. As an affiliate of media powerhouse Time Warner, Road Runner is offering what is tagged as v2 (the Road Runner Version 2.0 web site). It features compelling content from an abundant list of national programming suppliers such as A & E, CNN, People, Time and CNET, along side of timely, local, Hawaii content.

The new interface not only makes vast navigational and content enhancements, but also incorporates important customer information like “Member Services” and “Help” sections into the site. v2 is the perfect marriage between local and national content and does an excellent job in offering its customers ample help resources.

In addition to launching v2, Oceanic Internet is unveiling Road Runner Business Solutions – high-speed, corporate access solutions – to Hawaii as well.

Oceanic Internet is offering three, standard Road Runner Business packages to interested businesses: Road Runner Pro (for small businesses), Road Runner LAN (small to mid-sized businesses) and Road Runner Enterprise (large businesses). For more detailed information, including pricing and availability, go to Oceanic web site at www.oceanic.com.

Not to be outdone, Road Runner Residential solutions are still being offered at $39.95* ($49.95 for non Oceanic cable subscribers) and, if you sign up for residential services right here at the show, Oceanic Internet will give you a 50% discount off of installation and a free, Road Runner pin.

There will be presentations by Oceanic Internet’s General Manager Mike Meyer as well as CyberCom, Inc.’s President Peter Kay, and exciting drawings and giveaways to be conducted throughout the day.

Representatives from CyberCom (RR web application/hosting integration), Motorola (cable modems), Busch Consulting (RR business systems integration), Bank of Hawaii (eBankoh), as well as Oceanic Internet/Road Runner are also here to answer any questions you may have regarding their services/products.

There are many exciting things coming from Oceanic Internet. It’s no wonder everybody is buzzing about Road Runner and how they use it to take advantage of all there is out there in the vast world called the Internet.

* $44.95 as of June 9, 2001.


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