Oceanic Internet Computer Expo ’98 – Road Runner business solutions debut at the annual technology showcase

On October 28th and 29th, the Neil S. Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall will emerge, once again, as Hawaii’s premiere place to be for exposure to the State’s elite in computer/technology resources. A place where local businesses get a chance to showcase their latest in modern technologies, and also a place where you, the consumer, can catch the exciting new products and services of Hawaii.

Yes gang, it’s time for the annual Oceanic Internet Computer Expo ’98 show, this year, celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Among the exciting participants, is the expo’s title sponsor, Oceanic Internet, who will be introducing many new features and services that’ll knock your socks off.

As you may have recalled at last year’s show, Oceanic Internet unveiled their answer to frustratingly slow Internet speeds by showcasing their high-speed, high-bandwidth, fiber-optic coaxial cable Internet access solution called Road Runner. Since then, Oceanic Internet has seen an enormous growth and heightened enthusiasm towards the reality of accessing the Internet at unbelievable access speeds through the cable modem.

This year, in addition to touting the immensely successful Road Runner Residential service, Oceanic Internet will be introducing Road Runner Business Solutions – high-speed, corporate access solutions – to Hawaii as well.

Out of the blocks, Oceanic Internet will have three, standard Road Runner Business packages to present: Road Runner Pro, Road Runner LAN and Road Runner Enterprise. Each package offers a unique set of services that is sure to match the needs of any advantage hungry business. For more information on Road Runner Business solutions, visit the Oceanic web site at www.oceanic.com.

In addition to introducing these new business solutions, Oceanic Internet, in association with local companies such as CyberCom and Bush Consulting, will be offering seminar sessions all day, right there at the Oceanic Internet booth. Oceanic Internet will also be holding contest drawings and promotions that will offer discounted or waived setup and/or monthly charges for new signups. If that’s not enough, the new, Motorola CyberSURFR Wave Cable Modem, featuring higher upload speeds and a sleeker, new design, will be introduced at the Oceanic Internet Computer Expo ’98 Show.

Joining Oceanic Internet at this year’s Computer Expo ’98 show will be Media & Telecommunications powerhouses Oceanic Cable and Oceanic Communications, both set to showcase their latest services.

In addition to exhibiting their award winning cable TV programs and services like HBO, The Disney Channel, ESPN and Pay-Per-View, as well as quality local and foreign programming like Mike Sakamoto’s Fishing Tales, NGN and the Filipino Channel, Oceanic Cable will also be featuring the latest in digital television technologies.

This year, the Computer Expo has been combined with Telecom ’98, an annual Telecommunications conference presented by the HTCA (Hawaii Tele-Communications Association). At the forefront of Telecommunication solutions in Hawaii is Oceanic Communications. Running over a multiply redundant, 24/7 monitored SONET ring network, Oceanic Communications maintains one of the cleanest, fiber optic networks around. They will be offering their more common dedicated transport services (including SONET OC-N, STS-1, Broadcast Video TV-1 and DS3 services), as well as their Business Switched Services (including Business access lines, analog and digital PBX trunks, and even Primary Rate ISDN).

So what are you waiting for? Attend the Oceanic Internet Computer Expo ’98 Show to get the latest, most exciting advancements from the Oceanic family!


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