Breaking the Speed Limit – Oceanic Internet opens Road Runner kiosks at both Computer City locations

Many inquisitive individuals have been itching to experience Road Runner Hawaii, Hawaii’s cable Internet access solution, but, until now, there has not been a viable means by which to do so without actually ordering the service from Oceanic Cable.

For these people, your itching days are over. You are now able to access the ‘net at accelerated, cable modem speeds via the new Road Runner enabled kiosk located at the Waikele Computer City store. From this kiosk, you are able to do anything you would do over a regular telephone line modem, (browse the web, download files, etc.), only faster.

Rudy Chew, Oceanic Internet’s Marketing Manager explains, “The Road Runner kiosk provides a true driving experience unsurpassed on the ‘net today. We want people to experience for themselves what high-speed, online access is all about. And Road Runner is loaded with unique local and national content material. Whether you connect at home or in the office, Road Runner will dramatically change the way you use the Internet.”

Road Runner Hawaii brochures can also be picked up at both the Waikele Computer City store, as well as the Ward location, and you can even purchase “Road Runner ready” personal computers from both locations.


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