Oceanic Communications – Building a custom telecom solution

When most people hear the name “Oceanic”, they associate that name to Hawaii’s distinctive Cable Television service, Oceanic Cable. The relationship built between cable subscriber and cable provider has been a long-standing one and has made the name synonymous with cable TV.

However, there is a fairly new “Oceanic” on the block in Hawaii who does not provide a cable service. No, this “Oceanic” provides a different type of service – Communication. Instead of Content being King (like in Cable), at Oceanic Communications, Transport is King.

Oceanic Communications, a Time Warner Telecom Company, started in 1994 as an affiliate of Oceanic Cable. Committed to providing the finest dedicated transport service throughout the islands, Oceanic Communications has built upon that premise and developed into a highly competitive Telecommunications company in Hawaii.

Today, Oceanic Communications provides state-of-the-art communication services to many of Hawaii’s businesses that depend on Oceanic Communications to perform mission critical applications. Some of these companies include Branch Offices, Long Distance and Wireless Carriers, the Military, and Internet Access Providers.

Oceanic Communications’ networks run over more than 385 miles of point-to-point fiber optic SONET rings with multiple redundancy at all points in its island-wide network. The network is also monitored at the Network Operations Center (and automatically “healed”), 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to insure stability and uptime. These factors insure a network availability ratio of 99.999%.

How does this advanced fiber optic network compete and compare with the competition? Dick Davis, Oceanic Communications General Manager, explains, “We built our network from scratch, from the ground up. We had the knowledge and resources (Time Warner Telecom) to deploy an infrastructure that was stable and reliable.”

Davis continued, “Because our network was just recently built, with only top of the line parts and strategies, the quality of our network is far superior in data transfer and sound quality. We also provide you with the best customer service on the island, a service guarantee, and highly competitive pricing.”

Oceanic Communications recently made another addition to the already robust network. A Lucent 5ESS Digital Switching System was installed, which helps to enable (telephone line) tone to the business customers.

Although Davis tells me that Oceanic Communications can always custom build a telecom solution, some of the more common dedicated transport services include the following: SONET OC-N Service, STS-1 Service, Transport Arrangement Service, Private Network Transport Service, Broadcast Video TV-1 Service, DS3 Service, DS1 Service, Fractional DS1 Service, DS0 Service, and Analog Voice Grade Service.

Oceanic Communications also offers Business Switched Services – other services that businesses can rely on for their corporate communication needs. Services include Business Access Lines, Analog PBX Trunks, Digital PBX Trunks, Telephone Numbers, Directory Listings, Features (such as call waiting, call forwarding and three-way calling), Hunting, Blocking Services and even Primary Rate ISDN.

With this business dial tone availability offered as part of Oceanic Communications’ switched services, businesses now have the right to choose their local link. Davis says that there are plans to move this dial tone availability to the residential market, but will not be for quite some time.

Oceanic Communications is part of a family of networks in the Time Warner Telecom group that includes the cities of Albany, Austin, Binghamton, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Greensboro, Houston, Indianapolis, Memphis, Milwaukee, New York City (Manhattan), Orlando, Raleigh, Rochester, San Antonio, San Diego and Tampa. For more information, please contact 625-8588 or visit the Oceanic web site at www.oceanic.com.

At least we now know that there is more than one “Oceanic” on the blocks.


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