Leeward Community College – Hands-on training for Hawaii’s working adult

If hearing the word ‘Internet’ makes you shudder in fear and lose sleep at night, then maybe it’s about time to do something about it. Why not take a computer training course from Leeward Community College’s Continuing Education Program?

LCC? Yes, through the Office of Continuing Education & Training (OCET), LCC not only offers computer training courses that cover Internet topics such as creating a web page, but they also have courses that teach PC basics/applications, the Windows operating system(s), Computer Repair, Networking and even Computer Aided Design software.

Ramona Taitano, OCET’s Computer Education Program Coordinator & Assistant Professor explains, “Traditionally most people think of education, particularly at a college, as being full of lectures and reading assignments. Continuing Education focuses on hand-on training in all aspects of computer technology for the working adult.”

Presenting these types of classes in a college environment helps the “hand-on” aspect of what Taitano mentioned because of the small class size and abundant computer/facility count. In addition, there is also an ample amount of qualified instructors here.

“All instructors are skilled in their area of expertise with the required credentials and years of work experience. All of the instructors work in their field and almost all are employed in Hawaii’s leading industries or are consultants and therefore know what employers need. Usually most have years of teaching/training experience before even being considered for the LCC Continuing Education Computer Program.”

Courses however, are not limited to the individual adult learner. Taitano routinely offers classes to employees of a company who wishes to be trained for their everyday business applications. And with the highly competitive prices and varied topic coverage, it is a cost-effective alternative that many companies have looked into.

“Currently I think we are priced quite reasonably compared with other institutions. In fact, in some cases, we may have the lowest priced classes. Although almost all training companies in Hawaii offer Intro to Windows 95, Word, Excel, and Beginning Internet, we feel that we offer a comprehensive array of computer technology subjects from basic office software for the end user to Computer Repair, AutoCAD and Microstation PC, and LAN Basics and Telecommunications. The curriculum for all the courses in the Continuing Education Computer Program were developed specifically for continuing education students with their unique needs in mind. The curriculum for each class focuses on the things students will need on the job and to the learning methods of adults so all skills are reinforced through hands-on training.”

There is also ETF funding available to businesses without a training department for their employees that will subsidize the training. Quite a few businesses in the area have already taken advantage of this (Contact MARICAR at Workforce Development Division @ 675-0017 for more information).

Extremely advanced students looking for Microsoft or Novell certification however, will not be able to find it at LCC. The curriculum attempts to cover the majority level of skill, and Taitano says that most people will be able to find something of interest in the OCET program.

For more information on Leeward Community College’s OCET program, visit the web site at http://www.lcc.hawaii.edu/ocet/.

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