Fujio Matsuda Technology Training and Education Center – Providing low anxiety, high technology computer training

Has learning about computers either been intimidating or inadequate for you? Either the fear of a mouse or frustration from a turtle-paced class lecture have been the culprit of poor computer skills and you want to do something about it right?

How about attending a non-credit, computer training course at the Fujio Matsuda Technology Training and Education Center, Windward Community College’s Office of Continuing Education training center?

Originally established to provide educational training for the Windward Oahu community in 1985, the Matsuda Center has quickly become known as the friendly, low anxiety, high touch environment to meet the educational needs of individuals and businesses interested in computer training.

The Center is supported by a five year, one million dollar contribution from a group of donors, and provides a “high tech, high touch” approach to computer education and training.

Courses are plentiful and includes Windows ’95 and Macintosh intros, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Claris Works, and FileMaker Pro intros, as well as an abundant number of Internet-related courses.

The Matsuda Center also provides personal advising, workshops, and special follow-up activities that can be tailored to meet the needs of students. You can also reap the benefits of using the Center (equipped with both PC Macintosh computers) during open lab hours, repeating classes as a refresher course for free, and becoming a member of the Matsuda Center’s User Group.

For more information contact Roy Fujimoto at 235-7433 or r_fujimoto@wccada.wcc.hawaii.edu or visit Windward Community College’s Office of Continuing Education homepage at http://www.wcc.hawaii.edu/commsvcs/default.html.


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