Computer Training Company – Personalized training for a unique experience

Lately, it seems as though every career involves some level computer expertise. And with the ever-growing popularity of the Internet, more and more companies are finding themselves scrambling for employees with the skill-set necessary to compete.

Some companies may train internally with employee-to-employee knowledge base transfers, while individuals may do the 500 page cramming method to learn the latest in computer technology. However, the most common and effective means by which to improve one’s computer skills is to get professional help from training companies like the Computer Training Company, Inc. (CTC).

Les McCarter, CTC Principle Owner, explains how they help, “The Internet is big… real big. When people look at the Internet, they see many different things because it is so many different things. That is what makes it both wonderful for experienced users and frustrating to new users. CTC recognized the Internet’s diversity and has developed training styles to accommodate different users. Our Internet classes for business users are quite different than the ones for home users. A business wants their employees to know how to use the Internet for serious reasons. A non-business user wants to know how to tap the wondrous world of the Internet. Since CTC develops their own curriculum, we can accommodate a class for any set of user needs.”

When browsing their web site (, a special emphasis seemed to be placed on the client-trainer relationship.

McCormick reiterates, “Every customer is important. We treat our one-class customers with as much respect as our corporate customers. However, we actually have two sets of customers with our corporate clients: the employer and the employee. And we service them both. For the employer, we work with them in creating a curriculum that meets their needs. Having worked with eight of the top ten Hawaii businesses, we know what to ask and suggest to our business clients. We help them create a training plan that gets the most out of their training dollars. In the classroom our trainers understand that we are teaching people, not showing off our computer expertise. What counts is not how much our instructor knows at the end of the class, but how much the student knows! Each student in our classroom is the customer and they deserve our respect and the best service that we can provide”.

Unlike some of the other training companies, CTC offers the full range of courses and certification training from the introductory level, all the way up to the upper advanced levels. Whether it be taking a simple word processing course like “Introduction to Word 97”, or learning the intricacies of “IntraNetWare NetWare 4.11 Advanced Administration”, CTC has got the course for you.

On the web site, you can also view class prices and mini profiles of CTC’s staff members. In addition to an abundant list of course offerings, rates and training staff are what separates CTC from the pack.

McCarter articulates these vital issues. “By keeping our class sizes to 10-students or less, we customize the level of training to the students that are attending. CTC’s professional trainers will make each class work for everyone in the room. Every person counts. Obviously, technical knowledge is a given trait needed by our computer trainers, but especially with the Internet, we are teaching a new way of viewing and exploring knowledge and it is CTC’s personal touch that makes Internet training a unique experience.”

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