Oceanic Internet’s Road Runner Breaks the Web Wait

Imagine visiting an Internet web site with a complete set of links, organized by category. How about a web site with the latest in local and national news? What if this very web site brought you the latest and greatest in streaming multimedia right to your desktop.

Now, imagine it all coming from your friendly neighborhood Internet Service Provider. An ISP? Well, not exactly.

The new Road Runner service, brought to you by Time Warner and Oceanic Internet, is not exactly your traditional dial-up ISP. Based on the high-speed, broadband principle, Oceanic Internet utilizes a hybrid fiber-coaxial cable network infrastructure to push the “connectivity” envelope. Speeds and potential are far greater than what can be accomplished over a twisted copper pair.

To take full advantage of the cable network, Darin Sato, Oceanic Internet Web Editor designs the Road Runner web site (http://www.hawaii.rr.com/) with high quality graphics, streaming media (video and audio) and other high-bandwidth content in mind. “Because of our bandwidth, we can offer higher quality multimedia as opposed to dial-up. An example of this is how we can provide CD quality audio files to our subscribers rather than ‘boxy’ 28.8, mono clips.”

I asked Sato how he went about structuring a web site for these “speedy” Road Runner subscribers. “Because Road Runner is part of an island-wide WAN, performance on the network is very fast. You don’t have to deal with the actual Internet when on the network. Therefore, our goal is to create as much content within the Road Runner site as we can.”

By just browsing the web site, you can see how they are moving towards that goal. In addition to providing robust local content (web site links, features, etc.) and national content (Time Warner services like CNN, People, and Sports Illustrated) that can be found nowhere else, the Road Runner site offers personalization features such as account management and software update features. Other “in-house” services of Road Runner include an official TUCOWS affiliate (mirror) site for Hawaii (http://tucows.oceanic.com), streaming news video clips from KITV4 and KHON, streaming audio stations via Music Choice, and even a dedicated Quake game server.

Sato, however, does not want to let up. Although backed by more content then he can shake a cable modem at, he wants to keep pushing this web site until the rich content and user-friendly feel is complete. “Road Runner 2.0 will be optimized for multimedia and will focus on creating a tighter integration between local and national content.”

With well over 1,000 subscribers in its first few months of operation, it seems as though the new Road Runner cable modem service from Oceanic Internet is a hit. Credit this to their high-bandwidth network, helpful technical support staff and especially their World Wide Web site.

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